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Article: Why Do We Buy Artificial Plants?

Why Do We Buy Artificial Plants?

Artificial plants. They go by many names. ‘Faux plants’, ‘silk plants’, and even ‘fake plants’ are common. Regardless of what term you use, they’re one of the most sought-after home décor products.

ArtiPlanto selections like our faux potted palm trees, faux fiddle leaf potted plants, and faux banana tree potted plants are used in luxury home design, outdoor backyard patio setups, hospitality-based businesses, and more. With all this attention on artificial plants, it begs the question of why we love them so much.

Liven Up Your Space

When you take your regular everyday space and drop in some faux plants, the first thing most people notice is how much it livens up the space. By adding greenery – even if it’s artificial – communicates welcome, luxury, life, prosperity, and creates visual interest.

Like any interior decorating element, there are also different types of silk plants each with their own atmosphere. Some have the flare of a tropical vacation while other faux plants look like something found in a hot desert or like a classic piece of Canadian boreal forest. You have an array of options to pull from, in livening up your space the way you want.

Real Plants Are Disappointing

Have you ever planted something with the best of intentions only to see it wilt and die a few months later – us too. It sucks. All flowers and plants eventually reach the end of their life cycle.

Indoors, if you’re using real plants, you’re going to be disappointed because on their way out, they’re not going to be looking very spectacular. Having dying plants in the room really brings down the atmosphere, whether you’re using them in a small business office or your own home.

No Maintenance Required

When you’re working with real plants, there’s a lot of maintenance required. They may need certain soil to produce the desired appearance you want. On top of that, they require enough oxygen, watering, and positioning in terms of sun.

Comparatively, silk plants don’t face those challenges. After you set an artificial plant down, that’s it. It doesn’t take any maintenance to keep it looking its best. You achieve a consistent look of greenery with minimal effort.

Artificial Plants Are More Realistic Than Ever

Since the category of artificial plants was established, their finished look and design have come a long way.

Indistinguishable from real plants, faux plants are realistic-looking and can trick even an experienced gardener’s eye. By having faux plants around, you get all of the aesthetic advantages of plants without the negatives. Nothing’s better!

They’re Very Trendy

Perhaps because of the realism in design and the wide variety of artificial plants available, popularity has spiked because they’re trendy. People love green décor and the ease of implementing faux plants into a home or business space makes them a go-to resource for decorators, designers, and everyday consumers.

More people than ever are embracing the artificial plant trend. This is what’s made ArtiPlanto Canada’s best resource for artificial plants. No sunlight, water, or tender care needed. Find realistic-looking, exquisitely designed artificial plants that will look tremendous from the day you buy them to years down the line. Create the space you want, whether that’s an indoor jungle oasis or an accent here and there. Shop with ArtiPlanto today.

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