Although nothing can ever replace the beauty of the real plant, there are many reasons that make plastic and fabric plant a must-have when it comes to decorating. The most common reason being both fabric and plastic plants won’t die on you or require up-keep like watering or pruning which can be very time demanding!

Despite their differences each (plastic and fabric plants) have their own pros and cons; read on to discover everything you need to know about both of them. 


When it comes to appearance there is although not a whole lot of difference. When you touch to feel a plastic plant it feels very different in comparison to the smooth to touch fabric plants. However, when it comes to mimicking the look of a real plant both plastic and fabric plants are good in their own ways. To be specific plants that have flowers look great when they are made of plastic as the delicate details are clearly defined. Not always you will find a whole lot of options in fabric plants except when you are looking for something like succulents or vibrant coloured flower collections, then the fabric is the best choice. 


Both require a good dusting as all fake plants tend to attract crazy amounts of dust. But depending on the size of the plant plastic tends to require more cleaning because of the intricate grooves and finishing it may have. On the other hand not always fabric plants may need a lot of cleaning, but they can be kept well maintained by regularly shaking them to dislodge any dirt or dust that may be on their surface. 


Elegant beauty is what persuades us all when it comes to picking a fake plant whether it is plastic or fabric. So we all tend to love them each for the uniqueness they bring in any decor scene, although it may sometimes be a tough choice if you know what your space needs; then making the selection is easy. For example, if you want to place some greenery in low light or dim areas of your space a fabric plant is your best choice as it has so many vibrant colour options that it will fit in perfectly and brighten up space almost instantly. 


A lot of us choose plastic plants just because of the creative arrangement you can mold them into i.e. leaves of certain plants can be bent to mimic the exact shape and look of the real plant this may seem like a small observation but it can make a difference between the real and fake. Also, plastic plants are very durable when it comes to their quality thus they last longer in comparison to fabric plants which tend to undergo more wear and tear. 

Not all of us know this but all fake plants are made up of a combination of plastic and fabric so it may seem like a very tough decision when it comes to choosing between the two. So to keep things it is important to decide what exactly you are looking for and pick the perfect fit. We hope the pros and cons have made it easy to help you find the plant that suits your needs. 

Alexandru Popa