A set of artificial flowers or faux plants as a gift is a kind and thoughtful act. Even if the person receiving it isn’t a plant-lover or gardener, that’s not what an artificial plant has to be about.

It adds color and is ultimately a very adaptable piece of décor. A premium fake plant is an inspiration to look at, for most people. It can help with stress and productivity, and also instills calmness. It’s the perfect gift.

If you aren’t sure what to buy someone for a birthday, holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or an anniversary, here is why faux plants are a great gift idea.

They’re Stylish

Fake plants are in style right now, featured in almost every home décor or interior design room suggestion. You can find some of the best artificial plants in 2021 on Artiplanto.com as well as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other platforms. Faux plants make for trendy home décor to have on-hand.

Send It From Far Away

If you aren’t living in California but are buying a gift for someone in California, it’s not like mailing them a real plant is going to turn out well. It probably won’t. Sending them an artificial plant is much better. It comes totally intact and all the recipient has to do is reshape it, something everyone does upon unboxing it anyway.

They’re Timeless

The right premium artificial plant is timeless. It’s going to last a long time and will always be a reminder to them of you. Nothing beats that. Every other plant or flower dies and that’s sad. A fake plant has an extended shelf life.

Make It A Presentation

A faux plant might not be the main gift you give. It can a supplement to what you already have planned. If you go this route with buying faux plants as a gift, you can craft a whole gift-giving presentation from them or, if the plant’s small enough, include it as a part of a gift basket.

No Maintenance

You don’t want to assign someone a chore when you buy a gift online. A real plant is that. It immediately signs the recipient up for a care plant, i.e. sun, watering, soil, feeding, climate, etc. Faux plants do not need any extra TLC. They can be left alone in perpetuity and will always resemble a living and breathing plant at the peak of its lifecycle.

You Can Customize

There are lots of artificial plants out there. Hundreds, if not thousands, are found at Artiplanto alone. There is a plant out there for everyone. Bright. Beautiful. The right colors for the right person. You can tailor it to the occasion or the person and, ultimately, come away offering a very personalized gift without trying very hard.

Adds Vibrancy

Artificial greenery is vibrant. It’s lively. It’s fun. It gives a whole different dynamic to a room. For someone receiving a plant, they can choose the room they think would suit it best. From the bedroom to the kitchen, at an entryway, outdoors, or anywhere else, a fake plant often first perfectly.

Gifting a fake plant instead of a real plant is a lovely and kind way to celebrate that person, offering them something that will last forever. Shop your favourite gift ideas and faux plants at Artiplanto.com today.
Andrew Lu