Home design has undergone many, many changes in the past two years of pandemic-led shutdowns. New trends. More time at home. The rise of work-from-home offices. All of these influences have changed how we do home design. Here are 9 home design trends coming to fruition in 2022.

Home Gyms

More people are working out at home than ever. Even if it’s just a yoga mat and a Bluetooth speaker, that’s a start. Home gyms are notoriously bare and lack a lot of the décor put in other rooms.

More Function

Home design trends in 2022 are about creating versatile and functional spaces. No longer are spaces being dressed and decorated without purpose. Every room has a purpose. Even open-concept spaces are being broken up into smaller areas for things like home offices and classrooms.

Buy Rugs & Runners

An area rug, wool or linen, is a great tool to use to help break up open-concept rooms or to preserve hard flooring while adding warmth to a space. There is lots you can do with a rug.

Unique Hobbies

A lot of us have rediscovered hobbies and passions in the last year. Those hobbies need space. Designing and decorating your home, have at least one room dedicated to an interest. A wine tasting room. An art studio. A woodworking shop. You have lots of options in how to create beautiful spaces in your home.

Artificial Plants

Premium artificial plants add a ton of life to a living room, dining room, entryway, or bedroom. Guest bedrooms, in particular, can be made to feel so welcoming with some faux greenery carefully stationed somewhere in the space.

Luxurious, Creative Living Rooms

The living room is where we spend a lot of our time. For a lot of people, the living room may not be as updated as other parts of the home, such as the kitchen. Enter in new design and décor elements into your living room design, with abstract paintings, shelving, and maybe even an Artiplanto.com fake plant or two.

More Luxurious Materials

Speaking of luxury, a lot of us are seeking out more luxurious materials. Things like gold, velvet, and premium finishes have all shown to have immense value in home design and interior décor. Instagram’s a great spot to get some inspiration on how to blend luxury in with your existing design.

The Color ‘Green’

Green is perhaps the trendiest home décor color right now. From green in plants to paint, cabinetry, green tile for bathroom flooring, green throws and pillowcases, and more, you’ve got plenty of ways to blend in neutrals and dark deep greens as you like.

Dining Room Table Centerpieces

A dining room table centerpiece, such as an artificial flower bouquet, is the ultimate way to complete a kitchen and dining room setup while adding color.

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Andrew Lu