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Article: Where to Buy Fake Plants in New York to Fill Your Home With Green

Where to Buy Fake Plants in New York to Fill Your Home With Green

Where to Buy Fake Plants in New York to Fill Your Home With Green

Shopping for faux plants in New York, you can easily find something cheap and ‘ok-ish’ in look.

That’s not going to impress anyone though and you’ll regret buying it after a few days. An inexpensive, cheap-looking artificial plant isn’t going to win any awards for realism. For realistic fake plants, you’ve got to dig a little deeper.

Buying fake plants in New York, avoid the IKEA trips and the bargain bins. Look for high-quality premium plants from a brand you can trust. When you buy a faux plant from a specialty brand like Artiplanto, you’re getting something that was made with value in mind.

Fill your home with something that looks identical to a real plant and artistically crafted to duplicate the detail in every stem and leaf.

Benefits of Buying A Faux Plant From Artiplanto

  • Handcrafted. An Artiplanto creation like this Bird of Paradise plant wasn’t made by a machine. An artist had a look at it and styled it accordingly. It’s done by hand, painted and prepared for delivery.
  • Wide selection. Unless a brand truly specializes in fake plants in New York, there likely isn’t much variety to choose from. When you shop online from a brand like Artiplanto, you discover 100s of types of plants and other plant-related décor accessories, such as beautifully-styled planters.
  • Quality of the material. Some plants can fade through prolonged sun exposure. A plant made to last long-term is the only type of plant we deal with at Artiplanto. Spruce up a space with a fake plant that’s always going to look its green best.
  • Artistry. More than anything, you will love the detail and time taken to craft the most realistic-looking artificial plant possible. There is no better example of this than an artificial Monstera plant.

How To Use An Artificial Plant In New York Décor

A concrete jungle if there ever was one, New York is a collection of some of the world’s most exquisite attractions, homes, cultures, and people. What it’s often missing though is nature. Although you have Central Park waiting for you, the city is so developed that being around green’s not something you’ll find on every block.

Artificial plants bring a little of the outside safely inside, without a risk of bugs, diseases, allergies, toxicity to young children and pets, and, of course, plants dying. Some choose to fill their decorating scheme with plants like this, creating a true oasis indoors. For most interior designers and home decorators though, they go with something a little more subtle when it comes to decorating with faux plants.

If you aren’t big into plants, setting up a small artificial tree in the corner of the room can easily brighten up the atmosphere.

One of the most popular ways to sparingly incorporate faux plants into one’s décor is with a tabletop plant on a shelf, on a work-from-home office desk, or similarly stationed somewhere relatively out of the way.

These are a few of the ways to have a plant-centric look in specific areas of a room without overwhelming the scenery or home décor aesthetic with overflowing greenery.

Shop premium fake plants from Buy them online. Get them shipped directly to your door.

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