Why Are Light Conditions Important For Indoor Plants

Indoor plants may make for beautiful additions to homes and offices, however, they require ongoing care that can end up being quite complex.

Nothing is more important for plants to survive indoors than light. All plants require it to convert oxygen and water into energy. Fortunately, there are some very simple rules to follow when caretaking for plants indoors.

What Kind of Plant Do You Have?

Unlike artificial plants that don’t need light to look their best, if it’s real, lighting conditions will matter.

There are plants that require a lot of light, some that need a medium amount, and others that need very little to ultimately survive.

If you do not know what your plant needs, you can search out the plant type online or look for indications it’s not receiving enough light. Here are the signs an indoor plant isn’t getting the lighting conditions it needs.

  • The plant is becoming pale green, yellow, or white.
  • The stems are long and thin and/or appear to be reaching towards light.
  • The plant is dropping leaves.
  • A flowering plant isn’t producing buds.

How do you know if a plant is being exposed to more light than it requires – here are three things to look for.

  1. The plant is appearing burned or scorched.
  2. The plant’s color seems to be bleached or in the process of bleaching.
  3. The plant is losing strength and going limp.

How Do I Give My Indoor Plants Enough Light?

The great thing about indoor faux plants is that none of the following rules apply. Indoor artificial plants can be stationed anywhere in a room. It’s certainly worth thinking about if you’ve had negative experiences caring for real plants indoors.

That aside, the easiest real plant to care for are those with low-light requirements. If you have a plant that needs little or no direct light, this type of plant can be placed in dark corners of the room or by shaded windows. You won’t have to worry about them here. Unfortunately, overwatering is very common with low-light plants. Be aware of this.

If you have a plant requiring a medium amount of light, keep them in a well-lit area. For plants needing a lot of light, they should be placed near a window with access to maximum sunlight throughout the majority of the day. For the latter, these plants dry fast which means regular maintenance, checks, and watering to ensure they aren’t lacking water.

Is Buying A Fake Plant A Better Idea?

These days, you can find artificial plants that could ridiculously real. You have a lot more opportunities to diversify your plant collection using faux plants and they’re just as gorgeous. Watering, lighting conditions, etc. – you don’t have to worry about any of it. A real-looking faux plant just has to sit there and consistently look like its regular amazing self. No care needed!

For indoor artificial plants, find them today at ArtiPlanto. Add greenery to even the darkest of rooms. Choose from a variety, from stunning tree-length faux plants to small desktop potted artificial plants. High-quality faux plants delivered to your front door relies only on your eye for interior décor.

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