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Article: How to Make an Artificial Plant Wall to Showcase Your Favourite Faux Plants

How to Make an Artificial Plant Wall to Showcase Your Favourite Faux Plants

How to Make an Artificial Plant Wall to Showcase Your Favourite Faux Plants

Living plants are gorgeous outdoors. When you take them inside, things can get sad and disappointing very fast. The next best thing is realistic-looking artificial plants set up in an arrangement on their very own wall.

What’s the best thing about artificial plants – zero maintenance needed. They look like living plants. They just don’t need ongoing care, attention, water, sunlight, and soil. They’re a beautiful home décor accessory more and more millennials are choosing to install in their households.

Silk plants or faux plants can get expensive quickly though. Save costs where you can. Build your own artificial plant wall DIY-style. Here’s a little bit about how you do it.

Plant Squares

Creating a plant wall is similar to laying down a backsplash in a kitchen or tile on a floor. It’s designed by the square. Find a material to use for squares. Using the wall, you run into issues relating to paint, damage, and the possibility of it plain not working.

Large Canvas

An alternative to filling plant squares with greenery is to do a single large piece such as on a painting canvas. Do keep in mind buying a canvas can increase your cost. Comparatively, squares can be made from something as cheap as cardboard.

Choose Your Favourite Artificial Plants

A DIY artificial plant wall relies heavily on selecting the right plants. Some mix in premium-made faux plants with more affordable store-bought ones. Purchasing low-quality artificial plants with the right color, they can be cut up and pinned to your squares to fill it in.

Use Cable Ties

Cables ties are arguably the best way to affix fake plants to your wall. Place the plant square completely flat on the ground and do your decorating there. Do this for all your squares. Decorators can do this with a plan in place or go completely random with it. The choice is yours.

Large Command Strips

The last step is to get those finished squares up on the wall. This is done through large command strips that are guaranteed to hold them in place and reduces the likelihood of any paint damage. Artificial plants are very lightweight, thankfully, which means command strips will be more than enough to keep them in place.

Alternative DIY Artificial Plant Arrangements

As much as we love to see artificial plant walls, some homes do things a little differently. If you’ve worked with plant squares, you can dangle them from a string vertically ceiling-down. Alternative use of the squares can also be to keep them separate and space them apart on a wall.

Some have chosen to create ceilings of artificial plants using plant square patterns though certainly, this is a risk design-wise. Lastly, a more reasonable approach you may entertain is arranging your plant squares in a pattern such as surrounding your bathroom mirror. This can add something special to a drab interior space.

Start your search for DIY artificial plants today with ArtiPlanto. Find the greenery that suits you and don’t hesitate to show us your completed artificial plant wall either through any of our social media channels. We love seeing creative ways our friends use ArtiPlanto products in home décor!

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