Nothing sets a green splash in the summer on patios, balconies and terraces like a summer faux plant. The key however is to find the best faux plant. When you are ready, pick something that will not only complement outdoors; but help elevate the ambiance indoor too. You will be surprised with the variety of summer faux plants — from tall to small and traditional to unique one of a kind pieces, there is something for every space.

Read on to discover some must-have summer faux plants that will spruce up any space almost instantly with a positive green vibe!

Green foliage

Nothing makes a bold summer statement like a faux plant that is tall and has a lot of green foliage. Everyone's favourite, must-have this season if you are looking for evergreen foliage is a Fiddle Leaf tree. The charm of a fiddle leaf tree is unmatchable. If you want to add some drama along with a flair of vibrant greenery then a Palm tree is a great choice.

When choosing either a Fiddle leaf or a Palm tree just remember less is more. Don't get carried away to pick the tallest; choose a size that will look great in your space. With that being said, don't shy away from flaunting the beauty of your summer faux plant by pairing it with a perfect planter. When choosing a planter look for pastel shades as they complement really well with faux plants that have vibrant green foliage. If you want to add a creative touch then bright-coloured planters are a great fit too.


Flowers are the best representation of summer and whether you choose to pick a single flower or a bunch an Orchid is one of the most popular faux floral choices. Also, as Orchids come in many colours there is something for everyone. If you are looking for something more extravagant, unique faux floral arrangement — faux french Tulips are a perfect fit. They are a great standalone accessory in the living room or on a wreath welcoming your guests on the door, making an impeccable first impression!


Whether you choose to go big or small a succulent has a summer charm that is just ageless. Aloe Vera is one of the most popular faux succulents as it brings in a rustic vibe and blends in perfectly in every decor scene. The next two popular faux succulents are Jade and Panda both have their own way to bring a modern charm. If you like succulents and want to create a natural shrine on a budget, hanging succulents alongside a wall is a great way to bring in some creative touches.

Summer is the best time to add a green touch to your space with faux plants. We hope you enjoy our recommendations above and find the perfect summer faux plant. If you enjoy shopping online do check out special plants of the week deal at Artiplanto there is something for everyone to explore!

Alexandru Popa