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Article: Where to Order Faux Plants Online For Valentine’s Day

Where to Order Faux Plants Online For Valentine’s Day

The most romantic of holidays, Valentine’s Day, arrives this year on Sunday, February 14, 2021.

For a lot of us, COVID-19 will keep us indoors for the occasion with a very limited selection of restaurants and stores open.

At least there’s still the tradition of gift-giving and a great Valentine’s Day gift is faux plants.

But wait a minute. Faux plants. So that means fake, right? Well, sort of, yeah. Fake plants, aka artificial plants to be more specific, are faux versions of your favourite plants, flowers, trees, greenery, and more.

Why A Fake Plant for Valentine’s Day

Flowers and plants are a kind Valentine’s Day gift. It just sucks when they inevitably start to wilt. Then they die. Then you don’t have the plant any longer.

By buying a real plant, it’s a given it inevitably will be thrown out. What a gift that is!

A faux plant is made to last forever and we aren’t talking about the dollar store type, either. They’ve become their own décor category, particularly popular among millennials and professionals without the time to care for the real thing.

That is, premium-grade fake plants. They are made from high-quality materials, designed by experts in greenery.

ArtiPlanto is one of the fastest-growing artificial plant brands in the US and Canada. Through design teams in Montreal and New York, we create premium fake plants that are made to resemble the real thing.

To put it simply, a fake plant doesn’t look ‘fake’ whatsoever. They’re really beautiful gifts, something that can help fill in a room, be put on top of a home office to help spruce it up in a business-friendly way, or just be used as a reminder of you.

This is all why a fake plant for Valentine’s Day isn’t such a crazy idea.

What You Need to Know About Buying A Fake Plant Gift

If you do decide to go the route of an artificial plant on February 14, know that it’s not tough to maintain them.

A faux plant isn’t real so all that stuff about watering, light, and temperature you don’t need. The biggest threat to an artificial plant is dust and a microfiber cloth takes care of that in literally seconds.

When buying a fake plant gift, also know that there are many sizes and types of plants from ArtiPlanto to check out.

Some of the larger offerings are 10 feet and over. They’re massive trees that are meant for commercial use.

Then you have smaller potted artificial plants and tabletop plants that are probably more appropriate for being a Valentine’s Day gift. They fit onto a dining table, bookshelf, office desk, bedside table, or anywhere you want to put one.

There are lots of ways to customize your faux plants online, such as choosing a hanging plant which can be hung from a hook, flower bouquets for a little more color, artificial wreaths, and planters.

ArtiPlanto is your one-stop-shop for fake plants in North America. This Valentine’s Day, give your partner the chance to hold in their hands a plant that isn’t going to fade away in six months. Artificial plants make for a fine gift. Order your faux plants online from ArtiPlanto today.

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