A woman’s bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the home.

A traditional bedroom speaks of relaxation, restoration, and preparation. Then, there are also women who enjoy using this space as a sort of boudoir or powder room, incorporating lavish furnishings and styles that suit their taste.

Typically, these sort of women’s bedrooms are of lace, saturation, elegance, and/or florals. Nowhere is there a clear way to blend these in together with a rug. If anything, the wrong rug clashes with these materials.

Here is how to choose a rug for a woman’s bedroom, boudoir, or powder room.

Eliminate Chaos

Some rugs can come across as chaotic with their designs. This isn’t what you want for any bedroom.

Look to patterns that are rhythmically gentle and calm to you. For each person, relaxation may speak to them in different patterns.

Break the Rules

The rules of interior design or home décor that you may be using elsewhere in your home, purposefully ignore them here.

A bedroom or boudoir is all about breaking rules. It’s a private space that is totally you. Don’t hesitate to buy a linen or wool rug that doesn’t fit, or a color combination that doesn’t wholly work.

Color or Patterns

Area rugs for bedrooms fall into two primary categories – the colorful and the patterned.

Of course, you can have both on the same rug. That said, you have to decide if you’re looking for something more plain and where the emphasis is on the pattern or if you want loud, lively, and saturated colors.

Small Rooms = Big Design

A small bedroom usually works best with a rug that’s over-the-top and big in impact.

A large room’s got more space and can breathe a bit, and can work with more charming, subdued bedroom rugs. Though this isn’t a definitive rule, think about it. More often than not, it applies.

Your Personality

We can all describe what we think a woman’s bedroom is supposed to look like but it doesn’t ultimately matter.

This is your room. Follow your personality. You may be artistic, traditional, organized, focused, or laidback. There are rugs out there for every personality type imaginable.

Think Luxury

Luxury isn’t necessarily gold accents, fine silks, and rich fabrics. Luxury is different for everyone.

Bedrooms should be a safe place where you surround yourself with what makes you feel warm and luxurious. A rug should do the same. Look at the patterns and colors as you browse. Think of how they make you feel. Choose a rug that you respond to, emotionally, intellectually, or otherwise.

A woman’s bedroom has several areas where a rug could be placed. Beside the bed, in the corner, or by the doorway all work. The perfect bedroom rug for your room awaits at ArtiPlanto. Shop linen rugs and wool rugs of various shapes and sizes. When building out your bedroom, remember this short guide and feel free to visit ArtiPlanto for other home décor favorites, a la artificial plants, eco-friendly planters, and more.
andrew lu