What are you think about doing for Valentine’s Day this year – with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to restrict what we can do outside of our homes, buying each other gifts is at least something we all can still do.

Is there anything your partner is secretly coveting or wishing for – no one wants to disappoint on February 14, 2021.

If you’re unsure or are out of Valentine’s Day gift ideas, here are a few to help you get on their ‘nice list’.

Diamond Ring

A diamond ring! Heck yeah! Diamonds are said to be a ‘lady’s best friend’ for a reason. Unfortunately, you don’t want to give the wrong signal on Valentine’s Day. If marriage isn’t a consideration this year, forego this idea completely.

Linen or Wool Rug

Far from the risk of a diamond ring, a sophisticated and artistic linen or wool rug is sort of like artwork for the floor. It’s unexpected but it’s also something nice that shows you’re invested in taking care of the other person. If you do go this route, try to tie the rug to other elements in the room.

Vintage Wine

A bottle of vintage wine is a top-notch gift that anyone can appreciate so long as they drink alcohol which isn’t everyone. If you aren’t sure what wine your other half might like, try a wine that’s not so basic. This way, you can both have some and have it be more of an experience instead of the gift of a bottle they may not be the biggest fan of.

Indoor Planters

If your partner is into gardening for indoors or outdoors, you may want to entertain that passion with a planter. A planter may seem like a dull gift but there are some really, really pretty ones ready to be bought online. Brass, natural, and cement planters exist, as well as baskets and tabletop planters. They make them in all sorts of sizes as well so you don’t have to worry about that!

Fancy Watch or Jewelry

A Valentine’s Day gift for him is a fancy watch. A great Valentine’s Day gift for her is similarly a bracelet. Though the hype around wrist jewelry for all genders has calmed down in the past decade, much luxury jewelry are still must-haves for anyone who enjoys making a noticeable impression on others.

Artificial Plants

Fake plants are an exquisitely loving gift that will last a few lifetimes looking their grandest. ArtiPlanto and other brands craft faux plants in a variety of forms – hanging plants, flower bouquets, tabletop plants, artificial wreaths, and more.

Designer-Quality Bag

Men and women both appreciate a cute, high-quality luxury bag. If you can find a luxury handbag on-sale somewhere, that’s perfect. Many polished, high-end bags exist though, in various styles from professional-looking items to what you’d take with you on a night out.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t go without grabbing at least one thing on this wish list. You’ll be far happier walking up to your greatest love this February 14 with a fake plant or planter in-hand. Order yours today from ArtiPlanto.
andrew lu