Creating a luxury living space has never been easier with premium home décor like faux plants.

The right artificial plant can liven up a room without putting in the effort required to take care of a real plant. It’s a win-win for interior designs and home décor experts who want easy and attractive ways to increase a space’s appeal.

If you want to try a faux plant or tree, there are lots of places to go that sell them. Some offer creations that look as natural as real plants, while others continue to hold onto yesteryear’s ‘houseplant plastic’ look.

Whether it’s an artificial fiddle leaf, Monstera, or snake plant, here are the best places to look for luxury faux plants.


IKEA faux plants are attractive to look at but up close, they don’t quite capture the realism specialty brands do. Even so, if you want to incorporate artificial plants into your décor, a quick IKEA trip will do the trick.


Amazon has a mix. The difficulty is knowing which is which. Whether you’re buying very fake-looking faux plants from Amazon or some truly luxury artificial plants. Both can be found at Amazon, perfect for all sorts of configurations, from single-bedroom condos to multi-bedroom family homes.


Target has some fairly cheap fake plants that vary in quality. Although they do their best – and certainly on some occasions you can get away with it – we recommend staying clear of any Target, Walmart, or similar general merchandise retailer unless you’re absolutely in a bind.


Wayfair has a short list of some fairly alright-looking faux plants but they aren’t the ‘luxury’ that can be found in other brands. You won’t be fooling any of your horticulturist friends with any Wayfair faux plant.

Infuse your décor with bursts of green and realism with a careful selection of some of the most premium artificial plants on the market. Far superior to a lot of the brands featured on this list, is all about the best faux versions of the most popular houseplants and trees.

Joss & Main

Joss & Main have some nice collections of fake plants that are occasionally worth the look if inventory elsewhere has run dry or if you are looking for something a little more exotic. Joss & Main’s artificial plants aren’t quite as popular as other brands but they’re an up-and-coming home décor name to know.

West Elm

West Elm faux plants are gorgeous in design, especially when set in the right planter. The home décor brand offers lots of dramatic and almost sculptural-looking fake plants. Like most premium faux plants, they are malleable so that you can refine the aesthetic to exactly what you want.

World Market

The versatile mix of World Market artificial plants have realistic detail and fit a number of décor styles. For creating a calm plant vibes in the house, shopping online will help save a few bucks and help you nab an Instagram-friendly faux plant delivered to your front door hopefully within days.

For the best in luxury faux plants, shop yours at today. Make a bold statement choosing an artificial plant for your space. There is no monitoring of humidity, sunlight, moisture, or temperature. It’s as easy as having any other home décor item. Set it and forget it. Shop at today.

Pedro Capitao de Salles