A true-to-life fake palm tree, some might think, is very difficult to find. If you know where to look, surprisingly, that’s not the case.

Palm trees are preferred by a lot of people in the process of redecorating or redoing their interior design. Palm trees are also used in commercial environments, like hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, and retail malls. The tropical, hot summer vibes that they give off are relaxing and impressive to look at. There’s nothing sadder though than a real palm tree with yellow leaves, breaking branches, and an all-around drab look.

In the world of premium artificial plants, these sort of difficulties you don’t ever see. Many fake palms exist, from Hawaii Kwai palm trees to travellers palm trees, king palm trees, areca palm trees, and more. These all have their own design, duplicating a variety of palms in their natural look, realistically painted and bent branches, and overall feel. Is it possible for a fake palm tree to look real – absolutely. Here’s what you need to know.

Buy Online

The best faux plants available on the planet are bought online. You won’t find much in a retail store that compares. If realism is what you’re going for, avoid the really cheap plastic stuff at Walmart, Target, IKEA, and similar brands.

That’s the best advice we can give and will be an absolute necessity in finding the best palm possible.

Look At Photos

As you shop online, a lot of fake plants have multiple photos with a zoom-in function. Give everything a good gander. Take a look at the leaves and branches, and note the color. If what’s received in the box after you order your artificial palm tree isn’t what appears in these photos, something’s wrong.

Also, consider the size of what you’re looking at and map in your room where it might fit. You’ll guarantee you aren’t getting a faux plant smaller or larger than intended.

Look At Reviews

A lot of products online have customer reviews. Take the opportunity to look through what’s available on your favourite artificial plants store. You may discover some plants don’t have very many positive reviews while others do.

Seeing what real people have to say will help eliminate plants that don’t look as real as you might prefer.

Buy From A Premium Source

If you want to add a tropical artificial tree to your home without worrying about whether the realism is there, buy from a premium source.

A premium faux plants brand, such as Artiplanto.com, specializes in making handcrafted faux plants. They use premium materials. The work is not done by machine. It’s prepared through designs illustrated by entire teams, including horticulturists, gardeners, and passionate plant appreciators.

Buy It And Shape It

After you choose a plant, it’s bought, it’s been shipped, and it arrives, the next step is shaping it. If you’ve ever fluffed an artificial Christmas tree, the process is very similar. With a premium fake palm tree, you may want to really invest some time into making sure it looks like the real thing.

A lot of people go online to search out a photo of what a palm should look like and work to duplicate it.

Shop real-looking faux palm trees today at Artiplanto.com and go with an alternative over the real thing.

Pedro Capitao de Salles