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Article: Where Can I Buy Fake Hanging Plants?

Where Can I Buy Fake Hanging Plants?

Where Can I Buy Fake Hanging Plants?

A fake hanging plant is bushy, long, and contained. They do not need any water or special conditions to keep them looking their best. Simply hang them and let them work their magic, bringing whole new life to your space.

If you’ve never bought an artificial hanging plant, you may be asking, “Where can I buy fake hanging plants?”

There are lots of stores that sell fake plants. They are a very trendy home décor item right now, regularly sought after by not only professional stakeholders like home décor experts and interior designers but also young professionals, millennials, and university students.

The difficulty here is that there really is a wide range in the quality of faux hanging plants as shoppers eventually discover on their own.

Here are some of the best places to buy fake hanging plants, available in a range of quality and price points.


Amazon is a major go-to for anyone looking to buy more or less anything, of course. The most common difficulty here is there’s no real guarantee as to what the quality’s going to be like. There are some fairly good quality hanging plants available online at Amazon and then, far more varieties lacklustre in their design.


Target artificial plants are not where you want to look. Although the price is very cheap, the quality’s also very cheap. The same can be said for many artificial plant sections in similarly-branded general merchandise retailers like Walmart.


Afloral is a faux plants store that sells a variety of moderate-to-high quality fake plants. Their hanging plants are certain among the better quality on this list.

Nearly Natural

Nearly Natural is a specialty fake plants store. They have a lot to choose from, with plenty of hanging plants that could be put into your home with ease.


Wayfair is a step up from your very basic Target offerings but their hanging plants selection is limited. In fact, a lot of their artificial plants are fairly cheaply made and priced unfortunately a little higher than we’d prefer. If you insist on shopping at this level of quality, you may as well opt for IKEA fake plants or similar brands that have slashed their prices down quite a bit in comparison. has built its reputation off of handmade, hand-crafted premium faux plants designed by teams in places like Montreal and New York. Their products are often used by decorators, event planners, and interior designers.

There is no better option when it comes to realistic-looking fake hanging plants. Try

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is known for their high standard of goods. The sort of faux plants you’ll discover behind Hobby Lobby is in line with these standards although you can always find something better, when it comes to realism, at specialty shops like

Home Depot

Home Depot offers some fairly standard-looking fake hanging plants. They neither stand out nor impress. If you are in a rush, a hardware store can be an easy place to get a decent artificial hanging plant but it won’t be anything you’ll want to keep on display for long-term.

If you are looking to buy fake hanging plants and want to skip the long lines and long searches online, stop by today. We have the best realistic faux hanging plants, carefully crafted with premium materials. Choose from several artificial hanging plant designs on sale today.

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