New York has a long history tied to artificial plants. First brought over by the Italians, faux plants flourished in the past century and have been used to decorate all sorts of cozy properties statewide.

More realistic and detailed than perhaps ever before, faux plants bring the feel and real-life appearance of a live plant with none of the maintenance work. If you’re looking to decorate your New York home with fake plants, these are the best artificial plants to look for. From, you can even buy them online.

Faux Fern Plant

A fake fern plant looks just like the real version. You can drastically save time on care and maintenance with a fake fern plant.

Faux Travellers Palm Tree

Faux palm trees are a New York favourite. A one-of-a-kind tropical houseplant, when you buy something like a travellers palm tree online from Artiplanto, you receive a plant that’s perfectly suited to any décor style.

Faux Olive Tree Plant

Add greenery to your space with this faux olive tree plant. Bushy and chore-free, an olive tree always has its best look on when set in the context of a New York condo, apartment, or luxury home. As an added bonus to those who are new to fake plants, they are all allergy-free.

Faux Bird of Paradise Plant

Have you ever been fooled by a faux plant – you will be with this artificial Bird of Paradise. A realistic-looking fake plant if there ever was one, you can decorate your home with this unique Artiplanto creation.

Faux Sansevieria Plant

A faux sansevieria plant is a budget-friendly fake plant that doesn’t need any sort of special feeding, watering, soil, or climate control. You don’t have to worry about it getting too little or too much of anything. This sansevieria sits looking its best in perpetuity no matter where it’s at.

Faux Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant

Many people would love to have a house full of fake palm tree plants like the Hawaii Kwai. Although there are many types of palms, it’s this version that most people think of when they decide on a palm for their home.

Faux Monstera Plant

Let’s not forget about the Monstera! A classic New York houseplant, the Monstera is sought-after. As with any artificial plant, they provide a number of benefits including being a major mood booster. Studies have found being in a room with an artificial Monstera can aid in reducing depression and anxiety, and improve mood.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Potted Plant

The faux fiddle leaf plant won’t disappoint. A very adaptable plant, it can be used in any décor aesthetic without fail. The wire in the plant can also be bent, as can all fake plants, to form the exact shape you want.

Faux Spathiphyllum Leaf Potted Plant

The faux spathiphyllum leaf plant is another trendy faux plant in New York, with its vivacious greenery and vibrant, healthy shape. To keep it looking its best, all you have to do is keep an attentive eye out for dust.

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Andrew Lu