There are no restrictions with a fake plant and faux greenery. A real plant will die in certain conditions. A faux plant never will, no matter where you put it. That’s why artificial plants are superior to real plants, in terms of home décor.

There are lots of places you may not realize you can put a faux plant and add vibrant greenery without having to do much. From your living room to your kitchen, a small amount of space is really all you need. Fortunately, there are artificial plants of many sizes through sites like Here are some of the spaces you may be able to fit in your favorite artificial plant.


A windowsill is a very standard place to put a houseplant but it works. Small fake greenery has a perfect showcase near a windowsill. This placement instantly creates the feel of realism while elevating the surroundings.

Near Your TV

A lot of people blend large artificial plants and trees into their home theater space and around their TV. It works! The sight of plants is very calming and warm. A bold artificial plant can add dimension, texture, and humanity to a home entertainment area which can be very tech-driven and sometimes cold.

Atop Kitchen Cabinets

Convert the top of a kitchen cabinet, an old hutch, or similar unused real estate in your home. Transform this empty area into somewhere to put a premium faux plant.

Dining Room Table

Craft a dining room table centerpiece with a fake plant. You can have multiple plants here, playing with texture, style, and height. This works particularly beautifully out on a deck or a patio.

An Accent Wall

Turn an empty wall into an accent wall with an artificial plant in a freestanding planter. Create a burst of greenery with the right faux plant.

Fill An Empty Corner

We all have an empty corner somewhere in our home. Weaponize it! Add some vibrant greenery. You will instantly add interest there with a faux plant and, on top of that, won’t have to worry about your plant surviving in a dark spot.

Home Office Desk

Add a premium artificial plant to your home office desk. Choose something that expresses your personality. Faux plants are a nice way to make a professional work area setting feel a little more like you.

Hanging Planter

A hanging planter for a hanging plant is excellent for a room with high ceilings. Make use of what’s probably wasted vertical space with faux hanging vines or a hanging planter with overflowing greenery.

Tall Trees Anywhere

A high-quality artificial tree can seemingly go anywhere that you have the space. A palm tree or a large olive tree can also be pulled out in the warmer months to be put on the deck or patio to give your outdoors a whole new dynamic.


Embellish your shelving with realistic, hand-painted fake plants. A mounted shelf doesn’t take up any space and can provide a small amount of area to add a succulent, small philodendron, or something similarly sized.

There is so much opportunity in a home to put home décor and premium artificial plants. A little greenery can drastically change how a space feels. Shop beautifully-done artificial plants from today. Find your perfect little slice of faux greenery.
Pedro Capitao de Salles