Several different types of artificial plants exist. We aren’t talking about the difference in variety, i.e. comparing a palm plant to a fern plant, an olive tree plant to a fiddle leaf fig plant, or a Monstera plant to a Bird of Paradise plant.

What we are talking about are entirely different categories of faux plants. Just like greenery that grows, faux plants aren’t one-size-fits-all. Fake plants are available in a number of sizes, shapes, and arrangements.

For nature lovers who aren’t used to buying artificial plants online or if you aren’t sure what faux plant to buy next, this is the list for you. This gives you a glimpse into the sort of fake plants that might be right for you and what you want for your home decor.

Here are the main types of artificial plants you can buy through sites like premium faux plant supplier

Artificial Tabletop Plants

The majority of us are naturally attracted to artificial tabletop plants. They’re a nice size and fairly standard by design. These are right for a work-from-home office, to be put on a shelf or a windowsill, or can be placed even in environments with very little space.

Artificial Hanging Plants

An artificial hanging plant is held in a hanging planter mounted from a hook, with its vines and leaves hanging downward. Hanging plants create a bit of a different effect than the average plant, real or faux.

Artificial Trees From 3 Feet To 10 Feet

The range of premium artificial trees varies widely, from three feet high faux trees to those extending beyond ten feet high. They’re often used against accent walls or in empty corners and are a favorite among commercial clients.

Artificial Succulents

A cute artificial succulent, such as a tabletop-size faux cactus plant, is a great addition to any home. There is such intricate beauty in an artificial succulent. They can be very eye-catching and the small size makes them easy to fit in.

Artificial Boxwood Topiary Plants

For landscaping, an outdoor deck or patio, or in any large gathering room, buying an artificial boxwood topiary plant is a natural choice. Available in several different shapes, you’ll love having one of these and you’ll never have to prune it!

Artificial Flower Bouquets

There are lots of faux flowers and faux flower bouquets, made in pre-made faux flower arrangements and available to be assembled by you if you prefer that. When buying faux flowers, be sure not to go too colorful. Too much color can give the appearance of fake that you don’t want. This is why the more popular faux flowers are those that are muted and pastel-toned.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Yes, that’s right. There are some premium luxury artificial Christmas trees available online and they’re well worth a look if you want something a little more classy.

Artificial Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays. An artificial wreath hanging on your door year-round is a beautiful addition, indoors or outdoors.

Join so many others who have bought premium artificial plants from and set up greenery in your home, yard, or office. The right plant or faux plant arrangement is no-fuss and instantly boosts the appeal of a space.
Pedro Capitao de Salles