You may have noticed something on social media across posts that feature interior design and home décor. It’s odd that those posts don’t contain a plant. They always do. Somewhere in the room, there’s always an artificial plant. And rightfully so. They look authentic. They’re hand-painted. They’re luxury home décor through and through.


Fake plants are all over home décor social media posts across TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. They’re trending in a big way because of their dynamic ability to look realistic with none of the responsibility that comes with having a real plant. You don’t need a green thumb. And no one has to know that it’s not a real plant.


Having a real plant is equivalent in some ways to having a pet. They need water, sun, climate, soil, and have all sorts of risks, from bringing in bugs to catching and spreading disease that could eventually cause it to die. With an artificial plant though, it’s easy. You set it up in its planter and that’s it.


From their simplicity to how detailed they look, here is a little more into why artificial plants are trending right now.


They’re Beautiful


Faux plants are pretty, lively, and never look any different. That sort of consistency is a huge benefit. Especially if you’re planning a public gathering or an event, this can be a big help.


Many Varieties


You have hundreds of fake plant types. From trees to flowers and succulents to all sorts of faux greenery, there’s a faux plant out there for every room, every space, and every person.


You Control Size


A fake plant doesn’t grow. This means you have the benefit of being able to keep your plant the same size no matter what happens with it.


You Can Be Busy


Young people are busy professionals, busy students, and just busy in general. Remembering to take care of a real plant is not a priority. With a faux plant, you can be busy and go on with your life, and still enjoy the company of plants the moment you get home and settle in. They aren’t going to wilt, fade, and die.


You Can Have Real


There’s no rule saying you can’t have real plants AND faux plants. You can, of course! For plant-lovers, what a premium artificial plant brings with it is a little more predictability to their home décor.


They’re Long-Term


You buy someone flowers and they’re short-lived. Within a few weeks, they’re dead and that’s that. You buy yourself or someone a faux plant though and it will last for years.


You Save Time


You don’t have to worry or invest all this time into taking care of an artificial plant. Their biggest threat is dust and even that only has to be addressed once every few months.


They’re Quality-Made


Yesteryear’s fake plants look cheap and fake, simply put. Today’s artificial plants are a lot more reputable, detailed, and identical to the real thing. From their leaves to the branches, from, you’re getting an excellent faux plant that you’ll love with every glance.


Get your very own premium artificial plant from today and don’t hesitate to shoot us a message on TikTok, Instagram, or other social media platforms. Showcase your faux plant pick!

Pedro Capitao de Salles