Artificial plants have a very bad reputation, yet their popularity is just growing; as they have undergone enormous evolution overtime and become a must have in every home. 

Faux plants are no longer made out of cheap plastic like they were when they first came in the market as an item of decoration. Today they are far more expensive than a real plant as they last so much longer and are so convenient. 

Many choose to decorate with faux plants as they are the best way to flaunt a modern and low maintenance look. They are also the best as you never have to worry again about watering or pruning your plants. If you are very hesitant to adopt faux plants into your decor scene, read on for some pro tips on how to make fake plants look like real. 


When it comes to styling a faux plant one of the easiest and quickest ways is to add some natural elements — this makes it look flawless like a real plant. As most faux plants come in a bland looking pot, make sure to start by pairing it with an elegant or bright coloured pot if that adds a pop to your decor scene. Next place real soil or dirt, sand if that's what you like to decor your plant. Sometimes it is great to also use glass bowls or clear planters if you have succulents or more than one faux plant. Moss is also a great addition and makes any faux plant look bright and green instantly. 


Plants real or faux tend to attract dust over time; so regular maintenance is key to keep them looking beautiful, as dust may erode their shine over time. If you are looking to start cleaning make sure to use the right tools; use a damp cloth and some lukewarm water to gently wipe off the dust. Next, feel free to use a feather duster to ensure there is no dust residue at all. To separate the imposter from the real thing always keep the faux plant clean at all times. 


Like everything else when it comes to decorating especially faux plants it's all about the right location. Don’t be afraid to get creative as faux plants look better than real as a centerpiece or hanging to create some drama to a rather dull setup. Corners and table sides are the obvious spots when it comes to placement of faux plants, so make sure to add some natural elements like moss, gravel or even dirt, stones to accentuate their appearance. 

Our fast-paced lifestyles make it very difficult to include real plants in our homes — faux plants are the first choice for several benefits. They are something that will never fade away with time if you are ready to invest some time. Faux plants are also an instant charmer if you like to adopt seasonal changes in your home with something that is extremely real and attractive.

Alexandru Popa