A plant isn’t the only thing that looks pretty in a lively indoor garden-esque environment. The planter plants are paired with count for a lot as well.

To some, the planter they choose for their plant is equal in importance to the plant. We won’t argue!

When you buy planters online, it’s all about deciding how you want to present your plant. It’s picking for them an outfit, just like you would if you were going to a formal outing, a casual BBQ, the beach, or out to shovel snow. The plant is the plant and it’s the planter’s job to bring in atmosphere, color, and texture that’s complementary.

Where Can I Find The Best Planters Online?

Artiplanto.com is a leading artificial plants brand and planter supplier in North America with shipping to all parts of Canada and the United States. If you’re looking for stylish, décor-friendly planters, this is your best bet to start.

You have several possible planters to choose from, most of which are handmade and artisan-prepared.

Brass planters will give your greenery a shine that other planters don’t have. The brass reflects sunlight well and is a decent-quality material to have made a planter from. They will help keep your plants looking gorgeous year-round.

The #1 planter that’s bought for minimalist spaces is cement planters. They are simple, singular in their look, and will work for decades keeping your plants looking lively and amazing. This material also tends to fit well with other home décor pieces. Cement is adaptable, weatherproof, and will last a long time. There are lots and lots of beautiful cement planters in the Artiplanto collection worth a look.

Natural planters are all about maintaining a sort of eco-friendly, DIY-style, and non-commercial look. Natural planters are made from various materials.

Being natural, however, these planters tend to degrade over time when exposed to lots of rain and moisture outdoors. One might hope to keep them indoors. That said, any sort of foliage or flowering isn’t going to harm them whatsoever.

If you don’t like the hardness of cement or brass but aren’t quite sold on the look of a natural planter, you may want to look toward seagrass baskets for plants and other similar adaptive materials.

What Should I Be Looking For In A Planter?

  • Size matters. Ensure you are ordering the correct size planter for the space you have in mind.
  • Color matters. The tones used in a planter may clash with your existing décor or not necessarily fit into the plant aesthetic you have set for yourself.
  • How it complements the plant counts for a lot. Some plants flower and are bright with color. Then, others are rather plain in color but have expressive leaves. Your planter will relate to the plant and in that relationship, there is a ‘dominant’ visual expression and a ‘submissive’ that supports the dominant. Know which is which.
  • How it lasts in weather is also going to count, especially if you want to put your planter outside.
  • Material matters. You may have had bad experiences in the past with something like brass and/or prefer cement, or vice versa. There is no shortage of materials planters are manufactured from.

  • Find modern, minimalist planters from Artiplanto.com that suit your style. The right planter keeps plants looking neat and manicured, fitting the mood of a home with ease. Search through dozens of styles, from pots and planters to baskets and more. Shop with Artiplanto.com today.
    Andrew Lu