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Article: What Are The Best Planters To Use On A Backyard Deck Or Patio – See Here!

What Are The Best Planters To Use On A Backyard Deck Or Patio – See Here!

Accenting a deck with a planter is a favored way to add appeal and excitement. At the same time, it can be difficult because whatever planter you put out there, it’s got to be able to withstand the elements at least through the summer.

What planter to buy for your deck or patio relies first on the material. They make planters out of everything imaginable it seems these days and not all of those will be able to survive summer flawlessly.

To give your favourite blooms and greenery somewhere to rest their pretty stems, here are the planters to look at.

Brass Planters

Brass planters look exquisite outdoors. They catch the light, brighten up a deck, and are supremely trendy.

Here is the downside. They can only be kept outside temporarily. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It will corrode from natural exposure to the elements. The rain and moisture can be highly damaging to brass, as sad as it is to say.

Glass Planters

Glass vases and glass planters are a fine choice for outdoors. They are very pretty, clear, and can add a lot to the décor.

They may all sorts of premium-quality glass vases and planters, including those from recycled glass and hand-blown. Glass also comes in different shapes, from a bottle to a balloon. It will ultimately be up to the homeowner to decide what best suits their backyard deck aesthetic this summer season.

Bamboo Planters

Bamboo planters, like cedar and redwood lumber, are naturally water-resistant. They can be waterproofed if you choose to apply a sealant but it’s not necessary.

They make some very stylish bamboo planters in 2021 that can populate a deck or balcony. Whether it’s a tabletop planter or something larger, bamboo is also very lightweight which makes it way easier to carry inside than compared to, let’s say, concrete.

Cement Planters

Cement planters are the gold standard for outdoor planters. If you are looking for the best outdoor planters, cement is the material to focus on. It won’t damage from exposure to sun, rain, or summer. Cement planters will continue looking their best day after day.

As an added bonus, cement is also a material that’s easily styled. You can find various cement planter styles at, from a simple white cement to weathered and faded, mid-century, modern-minimalist, and more.

What You Don’t Want To Use

Any sort of natural materials will break down under the weight of summer. Seagrass planters, regardless of how beautiful and summer-ready they may appear, shouldn’t be put outdoors for this reason.

This also applies to water hyacinth planters and rattan planters. No matter what’s been done to the material, these planters are not designed for sustained use outdoors. They are fine to put out there for temporary placement, similar to brass, so long as it isn’t raining.

Remember, after even a little time on your deck, any natural planter will begin to fray and slowly compromise its stability. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a high-quality planter that doesn’t quite cut it. Find premium-made planters for decks, backyards, and summer weather at There’s something here that will suit every style!

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