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Article: What Do Interior Designers Look For In A Rug

What Do Interior Designers Look For In A Rug

An interior designer is an expert in style. They know the latest trends. They know within a few milliseconds or less whether something’s going to work or not. In home décor and decorating spaces, there is no one with a better perspective.

A rug is a handy item in home décor. They are relatively inexpensive. They are built well, at least premium rugs are. They take up no space yet can make a tremendous visual impact or be a complement to what’s already going on. It’s also very easy to buy rugs online with premium brands like shipping countrywide.

Imagine yourself as an interior designer now. This is what interior designers look for in a rug.

The Right Size

Naturally, a rug has to be the right size for the space. They are used frequently in open-concept rooms to delineate between purposes, i.e. splitting a dining room and a kitchen or a kitchen and a living room. This all relies on size.

Complement Existing Décor

There are hundreds of varied approaches to rug design. You don’t have time to look at them all. What most interior designers rely on is what’s already in the room. The colors. The shapes. The textures. It shouldn’t take long to find a beautiful rug to place.

Look Over Quality Of The Design

An interior decorator isn’t there to buy a premium rug that lasts for years. They need décor with immediate impact. To this point, they prefer ‘look’ over ‘quality’. Rest assured though you can have both. There are some exquisite linen rugs on sale that have the sort of look and feel the average household is looking for. 

Soft, Neutral Color Palette

A rug isn’t meant to be an eye-catching bold statement. It really should blend in. An interior designer knows this and searches for a rug with soft, neutral colors that don’t clash. This way, fabrics, wallpaper, and color treatments can be blended into a space without conflict with the rug.

Trends V. Preferences

The latest trends in rug design and taste pitted against personal preference. Which one wins depends on the interior designer. Ideally, the right rug pulls in favor of the tastes of the client, i.e. homeowner. We all have certain likes and dislikes. Know the trends but don’t lead with them. Listen to your likes and dislikes. 

All-Over Pattern

A lot of woven wool rugs have an all-over pattern as opposed to having a central focal point. A more decentralized design is preferred by interior designers who want a rug that can be comfortably placed in any configuration would establishing a central area around which furniture’s to be placed.

Well Integrated Into A Space

Are you buying a rug just to have a rug or will a rug serve a visual purpose – an interior designer knows the answer to this question without hesitation. They don’t have to know much about premium rugs to know what they look and whether it fits in a room or not.

From size to color, design, and more, interior designers have a feel for what rug works best. Instinct matters. Shop for a high-quality premium wool and linen rug today from, patterning your choice off design experts like decorators and interior designers. Find a premium rug in line with your tastes.

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