Making a fake plant is easy. Heck, you can even make one with a 3D printer these days. To manufacture a realistic-looking faux plant though… well, that’s the challenge. Brands like Walmart, IKEA, and others certainly haven’t succeeded like and other specialty artificial plant stores have.

Snake plants, in particular, are in high demand by a lot of people. For bedside tables. For home offices. For bookshelves. To put in a standalone planter and set in a dining room, living room, or guest bedroom. A faux snake plant is a terrific home décor item for these areas but what you don’t want is anyone being able to guess that it’s totally artificial.

For that, use this guide. This is what to look for in a fake snake plant.

A Realistic Look

Snake plants have a very clear aesthetic to them.

  • They have vertical foliage and green stripes.
  • They’re similar in look somewhat to a succulent.
  • They are pointy and expressive, and rather stately.

To really get a sense of their realism, ideally, you would have seen a snake plant before. If you haven’t, get as close as you can to the faux plant you’re considering and look at the detail. Handpainted, hand-assembled, artisan-level fake snake plants exist. Those are the ones we’d recommend looking at.

Shape Of The Leaves

The shape of the leaves is a sure giveaway of a bad fake snake plant. A realistic snake plant embodies not only its color and texture but also its shape, at least as best as one can expect an artificial plant to.

A true-to-life snake plant has edged leaves, with a slight waxy look which is exactly how a real sansevieria plant looks.

Have The Right Size

You only have so much space. The right-sized artificial snake plant should fit snuggly into where you have in mind, without overreaching.

Fortunately, with any faux plants from, they are bendable. If you’ve ever had an artificial Christmas tree, it’s the same approach. You bend and mold the look of your faux sansevieria plant until it fits the look you want and is comfortable in its space.

High-Quality Materials

Price is an indicator of how well a faux plant is made. A cheap Walmart fake plant, Amazon, or hardware store isn’t necessarily going to be as detailed as what you’d find elsewhere. Avoid anything that could indicate a cheap fake plant.

An artificial plant can potentially last for decades. The only thing in its way is dust. What you opt to invest in a fake plant may be on showcase for a long time to come.

This is why it’s best to buy premium artificial plants whenever you can.

If you are new to the world of faux plants, bring home your first favourites from today. Artificial plants are much easier to take care of, easier to keep looking their best, and ultimately are amazing accents to anyone’s home décor. Shop faux snake plants and faux sansevieria plants at right now.

Pedro Capitao de Salles