Cyber Monday is on November 30, 2020. Where do you intend to do your shopping – for faux plants, shop it with ArtiPlanto.

ArtiPlanto is North America’s leading source of artificial plants and other greenery relating to interior decorating.

These are premium-made, often handcrafted fake plants that look so close to the real thing they’re indistinguishable!

If you’re planning to do some holiday gift shopping this Cyber Monday either for you or family, check out these Cyber Monday deals.

Faux Agave

Agave comes with pointy, spiky greenery atop strong trunks, all handmade by our teams in Montreal and New York. A type of succulent, you certainly get that impression in a faux agave plant with its large-tipped leaves and the stiffness of its look.

Faux Banana Tree

Banana trees are big, brash, and wild. They’re a unique tropical plant that is a great palm tree alternative. A faux banana tree can be set anywhere in a home or office, adding lots of personality, vibes, and happiness.

Faux Evergreen

Evergreens are one of the most in-demand houseplants, with extensive demand placed on evergreen shrubs, evergreen plants, and evergreen trees. Faux evergreen gives all the gorgeousness of year-round evergreen with none of the pressure of taking care of it.

Faux Aloe Tree

Aloe trees come from South Africa. Like other plants on this list, they do not necessarily grow the easiest in North America. The climate, temperate, and growth conditions are so immensely different. An artificial aloe tree delivers that key succulent aesthetic, with spiky blooms that will always look their absolute best regardless of what our climate brings.

Faux Dracaena

Faux dracaena trees are underrated, sometimes-forgotten about houseplants that add a gentleness in greenery to a space. Dracaenas are easy to grow but it’s still very common to unfortunately make mistakes with what they can tolerate and what they can’t. Try a faux dracaena tree instead.

Faux Rubber Potted Plant

Faux rubber plants are shiny, expressive, round, and tall. The real rubber plant compared to ArtiPlanto’s artificial rubber plant are identical. A great achievement from our design team, a rubber plant is a beautiful addition in any office, general living space, or bathroom.

Faux Magnolia Tree

Faux magnolia trees from ArtiPlanto on Cyber Monday deal are a great representation of the plant’s growth captured at its peak. A lot of us love magnolias. Their flowers are gentle and romantic, and the plant itself is so pretty to look at. The fake magnolia tree is no different. Capturing rosy details, you can shape the stems according to how you like and place it safely wherever you wish without having to worry about watering it, light, temperature, and other factors.

Faux Alocasia Potted Plant

Deep green, moody, and iconic. Crafted by hand, the faux alocasia potted plant is a great holiday gift, with uniquely shaped leaves in a planter of your choosing. This makes for a fine tabletop plant and pairs well when mixed in with other fake plants, such as rubber plants, fiddle leaf fig plants, and others.

This Cyber Monday, where will you be – we’ll be waiting for any shopper with a penchant for greenery and interior decorating at ArtiPlanto.

andrew lu