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Article: 5 Best Places to Shop Artificial Silk Bird of Paradise Plants Online

5 Best Places to Shop Artificial Silk Bird of Paradise Plants Online

5 Best Places to Shop Artificial Silk Bird of Paradise Plants Online

Bird of paradise plants are big, beautiful, and infectious in the life that they bring to a space.

Silk bird of paradise plants are equal in appearance, liveliness, and charm, with the added advantage being they don’t need to be grown or tended to.

The biggest challenge with having a houseplant that doesn’t grow here naturally is trying to maintain it.

A faux bird of paradise plant doesn’t need any sunlight, water, temperature, or attention whatsoever.

Where do you buy fake plants like a bird of paradise – check out these 5 places.


For the easiest shopping experience on the Internet, Amazon is the Walmart of eCommerce.

Although the quality of their silk bird of paradise plants vary, you can find some ridiculously real-looking options. In terms of affordability and simplicity in delivery, Amazon has high marks. For higher-quality bird of paradise plants though, you may want to look elsewhere.


Michaels has a massive selection of silk plants and artificial trees, numbering over 1,000 in inventory.

Although the price point is higher than Amazon, Michaels hits that mid-range sweet spot in between a more premium product like ArtiPlanto and silk plants you may find lacking in quality from Amazon. The Michaels bird of paradise plant is one of several similar items, designed exceptionally well.


Lowe’s has everything from potted silk plants to twisted shrubs, palms, and in season bird of paradise.

You can really build a paradise of faux greenery and artificial plants through Lowe’s. Always affordable, what you lose in quality you save in cost. Ordering online, free shipping is available above $45.


Do you want to add the most gorgeous fake bird of paradise tree to your home – shop it at ArtiPlanto.

This brand does quality better than anyone. Their bird of paradise is handcrafted, made with premium materials, and is one of the most realistic-looking silk plants out there. Plenty of stores advertise high-quality fake plants online but none of them come through quite like ArtiPlanto.


Overstock is an excellent source for premium-made fake plant décor, including silk bird of paradise plants.

Overstock has an inventory of over 7,000 artificial plants and flowers, with premium designer brands like Laura Ashley, Rustic Reach, and Sullivans. There’s a lot to love about Overstock. Availability and quality vary plant by plant.

Why Bird of Paradise

Bird of paradise plants are regal, crane-like, and named after the flowers which they produce resembling a bird.

Real bird of paradise plants are difficult to grow in North America, requiring humidity, full-on light exposure, and specific temperatures. They also do not flower indoors which can disappoint homeowners counting on those characteristic flowers.

So why a fake bird of paradise – the answer’s simple. You get the beauty without any of the commitment.

When you are in need of a fake plants or tree, such as a bird of paradise, in Canada or the US, find yours from a design team you trust.

Search out faux Bird of Paradise plants and other high-demand artificial greenery and fake trees from ArtiPlanto today.

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