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Influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the wave of shutdowns we’ve seen across the country, the current consumer mindset has heavily favored shopping online over doing retail, malls, and more this year.

This may just make November the biggest online shopping month of all time. The average shopper has got all sorts of deals, discounts, and sales to look forward to, some of which are already ongoing.

Black Friday is November 27, 2020. For several years, Black Friday’s been a big day for physical stores to make a few bucks and for this year, added attention is being paid to moving these discounts online for all of us to enjoy.

Cyber Monday is on November 30, 2020. Another great sales date, Cyber Monday has been a time to shop online as a convenient add-on to the growing Black Friday trends of years past. Bigger than ever before, this year’s Cyber Monday may outsell Black Friday if current eCommerce trends are any indication.

On top of these two dates, it’s the time for holiday gift buying and saving up for the Christmas season just around the corner.

So with all these Cyber Monday deals and excitement in the air, what do you buy – tabletop plants.

Why Tabletop Plants Make A Great Holiday Gift

You may see tabletop plants and think, “WHAT! Why would I spend my Cyber Monday buying plants?!”

Well, there are a few reasons why tabletop plants are in strong demand this year for Cyber Monday.

Tabletop plants are small, pro-mental health benefits, and are adaptable to different environments. They’re a great addition to a home office or study nook which is perfect for people that are stuck at home either working remotely or studying.

At the same time, tabletop plants can fit neatly on your kitchen table, a countertop, a bedside table, a bookshelf, or in a bathroom.

In a sense, there’s something for everyone in the world of tabletop plants. Here’s something else worth noting.

Buying a real tabletop plant and giving it to someone else as a gift is sort of like a teacher giving homework. It’s tough. Some may not see it that way but if you’re not super into plants, it’s essentially a game of waiting for a tabletop plant to wilt, fade, and eventually die.

The workaround is fake tabletop plants, aka artificial plants. Premium-made faux plants are quality-done, handcrafted, and superior to the fake plants of old. You can find fake tabletop plants that are indistinguishable from the real thing. Can you believe that – it’s true!

So in a sense, when you buy artificial plants on Cyber Monday deal, you’re purchasing a decoration rather than a plant. It gives all the beauty and benefits of real plants without the commitment or responsibility. It’s a great gift and an excellent way to draw a line through some of the items on your holiday shopping list.

Fake plants or real plants – the debate’s over. Fake plants are the better option as a holiday gift. Find Cyber Monday deals on fake plants this year at ArtiPlanto, North America’s top source for artificial plants.

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