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Article: When is Amazon Prime Day 2020 and What Should I Buy?

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020 and What Should I Buy?
prime day 2020

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020 and What Should I Buy?

Amazon Prime Day is a day that always comes with a lot of questions. In this guide, we hope to answer a few and help share some of our best bets on where to find the best Prime Day deals online.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

This year, Amazon Prime Day falls on two days – October 13 and October 14. On these days, Amazon will release over a million deals, with many more discounts and sales coming on other sites such as ArtiPlanto as well.

What Products Are On Sale on Prime Day?

Prime Day is a time that’s focused a lot on tech like headphones and speakers, laptops and computers, 4K TVs, and more. A marketplace like ArtiPlanto specializes in faux plants, tabletop artificial plants, boxwood topiaries, and more. Even though we have no connection to technology, we’re still celebrating Prime Day in a big way. 

Do I Need An Amazon Prime Membership to Shop on Prime Day?

The biggest disadvantage to Prime Day is you need a subscription to Amazon to shop on their discounts. This creates a tremendous benefit when Prime Day is to shop on sites that aren’t Amazon. For example, ArtiPlanto requires no membership to shop with us on Prime Day. See discounts we’ve never given out before and don’t spend a cent more!

What’s ArtiPlanto Prime Week?

ArtiPlanto Prime Week is 7 days of sales, discounts, and promotions. We don’t think 48 hours is enough!

Take the week, browse our site, and check out your favourites. Buy friends or family a Christmas gift. Buy a gift to yourself for a new home office or to decorate your room. The ArtiPlanto gift guide’s the best place to start your search.

  • Faux plants come in all sorts of sizes. There are those that are potted at 3 feet and under, and then those that are 10 feet and even exceeding that. From small succulents to excessively large fake trees, there’s something for everyone.
  • Artificial tabletop plants make a statement when placed on a desk, table, or shelf. Tabletop plants are short and small, and are handcrafted in a range of styles. You don’t have to have the largest of spaces to bring a little green into your home.
  • Artificial boxwood topiary plants are shapely, luxurious, and complementary to outdoor designs and inside environments. If you have a keen eye for strategic design and faux plants, a boxwood topiary may be just the centerpiece you’re looking for.

Why Buy Artificial Plants this Prime Day

We aren’t talking about dollar-store fake plants. Artificial plants aren’t cheap. For all the investment in handcrafting the design with all the detail an artist can muster, costs add up. Prime Day’s the best time to save on your favourite faux plants.

When you buy from ArtiPlanto, you receive one of the most realistic-looking silk plants from our team of designers in Montreal and New York. Carefully selected artificial plants and flowers provide all the highs of being around greenery without the unfortunate responsibility of watering, fertilizing, and moving it around the house to ensure it gets enough sunlight. Catch us this week on Prime Day for the best sales of the year!

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