The ‘palm tree’ is a key piece of iconography for tropical islands everywhere. From Hawaii to California and beyond, when we think of palm trees, we think of hot weather, summer, and relaxation.

There’s not a bad thing to think when we visualize a palm tree. This is why so many offices and homes choose to buy palm trees, both real and artificial, to place on their properties.

They’re warm, comfortable on the eyes, and bring a little of the sunny beach insider to be enjoyed by all.

There’s a lot that most people don’t know about palm trees. As beautiful and instant as their appeal is, there’s so much behind these sturdy, adaptable plants.

Can You Guess the Tallest Palm Tree?

The tallest palm tree in the world originates in Columbia. The species is the Quindio wax palm, Columbia’s national tree. It is the tallest-growing species of palm ever known, with some seeing heights as tall as 197 feet.

There Are More Than 2,500 Species of Palm Trees

We all have a very specific idea of what a palm tree is supposed to look at. Surprisingly though, there are thousands of species of palm trees in the world.

Palm trees fall under the ‘Arecaceae’ family and are technically a grass rather than a tree. Additionally, not every palm tree is a true palm. Some appear as shrubs or long, woody vines. There are palm trees growing in all types of environments, from deserts to rainforests.

Palm Trees Are Best Grown in USDA Zones 8-10

Although palm trees are very adaptable in terms of where they can grow, they do run into common trouble accessing enough sunlight and water in early growth.

The best areas to grow palm trees are in USDA zones 8-10. Planting a palm tree requires special care and attention. If a palm makes it past those first few weeks, there’s a good chance for survival. If you’re uncertain about growing your own palm tree, consider a fake palm tree in its place.

The Palm Tree Has the Largest Seeds of Any Plant on Earth

One species of palm tree has the largest seeds of any plant ever recorded. The Coco de Mer palm has seeds as large as 20 inches in diameter and as heavy as 66 pounds! The largest in the world!

You Can Make Wine from Some Palm Trees

In parts of Asia and Africa, palm wine is a common alcohol spirit. Known as ‘kallu’, it is created from coconut palms, date palms, Chilean wine palm, and other similar species.

Palm Trees Are A Diverse Religious Symbol

Palm trees are used or represented in most religions. This is largely because palm trees are easily grown in ancient parts of the world and areas where religions like Christianity and Judaism were first founded.

Palms form a part of the Palm Sunday ceremony, held a week before Easter. This stems from a reported event where the people of Jerusalem greeted Jesus a week before his death and resurrection with palms.

Palm trees are also mentioned elsewhere in the Bible, in the Quran, and are represented in Judaism as a symbol of peace.

Palm trees have been around since civilization first began. Have a little of it with you at home. Shop your favourite artificial palm trees, all handcrafted and made from premium materials. Search out your favourites at ArtiPlanto.
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