Palm trees are tropical and in-demand but they don’t grow easily in certain North American climates.

Enter in faux palm trees. Totally artificial but beautifully detailed, premium-grade artificial palm trees from brands like ArtiPlanto are dominating commercial buildings like offices and retail developments, as well as are featured in luxury homes across the country.

So what is the best fake palm tree – check out our list. For outdoor and indoor use, here’s everything you need to know.

Artificial Travellers Palm Tree

A travellers palm tree has thick, dark green leaves. Though the plant is technically a palm, it’s closely related to banana trees.

It is a beautiful tropical plant although tough to grow as the soil needs to be kept evenly moist without it being overly soggy and waterlogged or, alternatively, too dry. A fake travellers palm tree looks exquisite at any size.

Artificial Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree

A Hawaii Kwai palm tree is a classic tropical tree. A lot of people enjoy the look of the Hawaii Kwai palm tree, while others may think it’s a little too ‘tropical’ for certain settings. This is an excellent-looking palm tree when you need one that’s big and bold.

Introduce the fan-like leaves to your home. Try this thin-stemmed bursting artificial palm tree out for size.

Artificial Areca Palm Tree

The artificial areca palm tree is small, thin, and light. It is one of the lightest-looking palm trees available.

The trunk of the areca palm is similar to that of bamboo. The fronds are narrow and full, very bamboo-like as well. They look close to palm grass, though not the most effective to grow houseplant-style. Fortunately, a fake areca palm tree gets around all that!

Artificial Fan Palm Tree

A fan palm tree, aka Chinese fan palm tree or Livistona Chinensis, is most popular in Florida although is difficult to grow anywhere else.

Buy a fake palm tree like a fan and you’ll have a piece of home décor you can use for life. Originally native to northern Mexico, they’re immediately recognizable for their wide, fanning leaves.

Artificial Fishtail Palm Tree

A lesser-common palm tree is the fishtail. Dark, green, and visually busy, a fishtail palm tree in nature grows in the filtered life beneath taller trees. Thereby, the real thing should one try to maintain it has to be in indirect sun.

An artificial fishtail palm is far easier to take care of. You don’t have to worry about it dying or growing too big. It’s already all there for you to enjoy.

Other Types of Palm Trees

Tropical trees are in high demand in the world of fake plants and there’s no tropical tree as popular as palm trees. 

You will find the types of palm trees mentioned as well as others in various sizes and growth configurations through premium artificial plant sites like ArtiPlanto. If you are searching for an outdoor faux palm tree to set in your backyard, on your porch or patio, or to use as a part of a landscaping project, reach out. Order yours from ArtiPlanto today.
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