Best 4 Planters for Home Interior And Accent Pieces

As one thinks about their home décor and how to accent it, we may think of artificial plants.

Oftentimes, it’s forgotten the impact that a planter has on a home’s interior and the plant presentation.

Planters come in various materials. They are meant to carry and contain an artificial plant, maintaining it in an easily carried casing.

If you aren’t sure about what planters are best for fake plants or what planters might fit with an existing home décor aesthetic, here are some options. These are the 4 best planter materials available in North America.

Brass Planters

Brass planters are easy to clean, look very luxurious, and reflect light in a very unmistakably beautiful way.

From mid-century floor planters to brass planters on hairpin legs, you have a wide variety to consider.

Unlike other planters, brass does not break easily. It also will not corrode. Brass is a long-lasting material you can rely on to keep your fake plants looking their best. Brass is a lovely and very decorative option.

Natural Planters

Natural planters are made from various materials, like braided materials, seagrass, bamboo, ceramics, rattan, and water hyacinth.

Contrary to what some might assume, natural planters are very modern featuring mid-century designs and are often combined with a shape or design that makes them very minimalist-contemporary.

Choosing a pot plant container, you may not normally think about natural planters for real greenery. Exposure to water can degrade some of these materials. Thankfully, artificial plants come maintenance-free and aren’t exposed to soaks. This makes a natural planter a fine selection!

Cement Planters

Cement planters are heavy-duty, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly. In durability, cement’s the best.

If you’re setting up artificial plants for outdoor landscaping, a cement planter should keep greenery secure and in one place despite whatever wind, rain, or storms may come. A homeowner doesn’t have to worry about a plant getting knocked over when cement’s involved.

Also, cement planters look great in a variety of aesthetics from boho-chic to modern-contemporary.

Find cement planters plain and simple, with patterns or rhythms etched into them, or stained in color.


A basket is just as good as a planter in some cases. One of the most popular plant baskets is seagrass.

Baskets are perfect for anyone with a hanging plant. Most baskets have handles so they are portable and can be moved around with ease. They also have a natural material aesthetic, reusable so long as they aren’t degraded over time due to exposure to water.

Baskets are very reliable and compare favorably to other planter types, including brass and cement.

All in all, it comes down to what you want to see around your home. As an accent piece, a planter’s a beautiful way to add more to your room than just the charm of an artificial plant. Pairings are unlimited. If you wish, a fake plant can be moved over time from one basket to another, or one planter to another. This can even be done seasonally. Shop the best planters in North America from ArtiPlanto.

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