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Article: Home Decorating With Woven Rugs

Home Decorating With Woven Rugs

Home Decorating With Woven Rugs

Home decorating is always fun. No matter what kind of home décor you’re into, we can nearly guarantee what goes underneath your feet in a room is something you probably aren’t considering.

Most of us accept the floor to be the floor. Unless we plan on striping it out and putting in new flooring, there’s not a whole lot of ways we can dress it up… well, there is. Woven rugs are a decorative addition to any room.

Woven wool rugs and linen rugs range from area rugs to runners, both with their unique application.

Why a woven rug is advantageous is because it can put in color, texture, and patterns inside a room, without taking up any space. It can even go under furniture. Rugs can be used for a functional purpose and segment a room, or they can be simply decorative.

Just like one considers what color paint to use for a home’s interior, decorating with rugs is self-expression.

A Stylish Home Décor Trend For Over A Century

Rugs have been in-style for over a century, used everywhere from the UK to Australia, India to Canada, and the United States to the Middle East.

Although over time the patterns and colors used vary slightly, the use of rugs in home décor remains.

Where we go from here – the first step, one could call it – is finding the right rug. Let’s be real honest. A rug is going to get stepped on a ton. It shouldn’t be cheap. It should be quality-made.

Ideally, a woven rug that is done by hand rather than machine offers you the best quality. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost.

One must weigh quality v. cost and ultimately come to a decision for themselves on what’s reasonable.

How to Decorate With Woven Rugs

There are dozens upon dozens of interior design-inspired woven rug techniques you can use. Decorating a room with a linen rug or wool rug should result in a natural-feeling rug placement. Here are a few of our inspirations.

  1. Add ambiance to your dining room or living room with an area rug that creates a conversation section of the room.
  2. Make a statement with an eye-catching grandiose woven rug inside of a room that’s influenced by a modern-minimalist look.
  3. Contrast the color of the wall, flooring, or furniture with a rug that either mimics similar shades or which is the exact opposite.
  4. Use a rug’s size or patterns to imply movement or help guide guests. The patterns and rhythms of a runner rug, for example, can aid someone in finding their way around a property or even around the room.
  5. A rug is a natural addition to any entranceway, especially if you have hardwood floors you’re trying to maintain. This way, any dirt or debris from one’s shoe can hopefully nab itself between the fibers of a rug. A rug in this area can also help with a transition from outdoors to indoors.
  6. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a relatively plain, dull woven rug if other items in a room are exciting. The opposite is true as well, in that you can build a whole room up starting with a boldly-patterned rug.
What are you waiting for – order yours! Find linen rugs, woven wool rugs, runner rugs, and other home décor inspiration from ArtiPlanto today.

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