As the warm weather has gone away, out has come the desire for a spirited holiday season!

Even amongst a pandemic, retailers are still doing their best to get Christmas gifts and holiday shoppers in and out the door.

The holiday season is a great time of year for plants, showcasing greenery in contrast with the white snow in some very unique, creative, and impactful ways. Arguably, it’s the best time for plants.

As a part of your Christmas holiday guide, you may be asking, what plants are best – here we go.


A Christmas rose. How romantic. Any sort of holiday rose or floral wreaths or bouquets are all beautiful ideas for the holiday season. They’re very classic flourishes of color but they show off gorgeous colors in the spirit of friendship, family, and love.


Orchids are a delicate way to add some creamy whites into the mix of the holiday season. Exquisitely done, a floral orchid arrangement is one of the most popular plants to get for the holidays. This choice moves away from Christmas reds and more to aristocratic creams or romantic roses. For a nice winter wonderland vibe, start here.

Eucalyptus Wreath

A eucalyptus wreath is simple and plain but lively and very beautiful nestled in with holiday aesthetics and ornaments. They bring a lot of cheer and nothing brings on the spell of the Christmas season like a wreath. If you like, you can even decorate an artificial wreath using ornaments or with other faux plants.


Succulents are an iconic plant you can pull out at Christmas but also keep out year-round. Fake flowers, plants, and trees aside, succulents are an accent you can add to any small space wherever you want. Though not a go-to, faux succulents like an agave plant or a snake plant works wonders are sharing some of that holiday spirit.

Spiral Boxwood Topiary Plant

Christmas plants don’t have to lack shape. Spirals are a beautiful form to throw into a holiday celebration. Artificial boxwood topiary plants come in all shapes and sizes, with spirals thin and thick, small and large, and short and tall. A well-pruned plant like this can be matched with additional faux plants or throughout the home, indoors and outdoors alike.

Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree

This time of year, some of us are getting ready to go down south and enjoy the holidays at a warmer temperature. That’s not happening this year, due to COVID-19. A workaround is a Christmas-style Hawaii Kwai palm tree. Bring a little of the tropical home. This isn’t the only fake tropical plant or palm tree so you may want to have a look around if the Hawaii Kwai isn’t grabbing you.

Color your holiday season with some faux greenery and holiday artificial plants from ArtiPlanto. Handcrafted, premium fake plants look beautiful in the shades and patterns of the Christmas season. They can be bold or subdued, colorful or simple, and big or small alike. Make it a holiday welcome for you and yours. Visit ArtiPlanto to pick up some centerpiece-worthy faux plants.
andrew lu