How to Find the Right Rugs For Your Room

The wrong rug can shatter your home décor aesthetic.

Unfortunately, ‘the wrong rug’ is a very common mistake. A lot of homeowners may select something too small for the room or alternatively, too large.

Think of your woven rug as the foundation of the room. Your entire furniture plan sits on it. Your rug is expected to ground everything.

This is of course different than what some associate with a rug which is it being simply a décor accent.

If the color is wrong or the pattern confusing, it will mess with everything in the room. From design to style, the tone will be a mess and there’s no way coming back from that other than choosing to try another rug.

Your Personality

First and foremost, browsing rugs for home décor, you want to narrow down your options by personal preference.

What rugs speak to you and reflect your personality – chances are everything else in the room is going to reflect the same personality. If a rug doesn’t feel like ‘you’, forget it. There’s no way to make décor work if any of the fundamental components are unconnected from the person occupying the space.

Size of Your Premium Rug

As mentioned earlier, size is going to count for a lot. A large room, for example, can warrant a large rug or multiple smaller rugs coordinated to match. A small room subsequently requires a smaller rug.

If it’s a living room, aim for something at least 8x10. A premium rug should cover underneath furniture as well as the entire area where a guest may be seated.

Cost Of A Premium Rug

The cost of a rug is no doubt something that a lot of people ask about because premium handcrafted rugs can get quite expensive.

Why people pay so much for rugs is because of what they’re expected to do. They’re not only a cultural expression but they get their fair share of use. A rug can’t be fragile. A machine-made rug’s not something that has a long lifespan. A hand-woven rug will last a century or longer. Quality matters.

When to Buy A Rug

For some, when they buy their rug is not something they have a choice with. Ideally, a rug is purchased before any of the furniture. This way, one knows what the foundation of their room looks like.

If you already have furniture, consider the design aesthetics already there. A living room rug connects it all together. If you can’t use it as a jumping-off point, use your rug as a method of connecting the dots.

Avoid A Clash

If the room is young and playful, find a rug that matches. If your room has a visual energy present, a muted rug is something that can work because it avoids distracting from what’s already attracting the eye.

If you aren’t happy with the way a room looks, switching out a few accessories and adding a hand-woven rug can be an effective re-design without having to purchase or re-purchase furniture.

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