Linen rugs are some of the most sought-after, premium-made rugs on the market.

Linen is an all-natural fiber, somewhat similar to cotton. It is a fiber difficult to weave but is considered a luxurious fabric commonly used for towels, tablecloths, napkins, bed sheets, and rugs.

Here are the top 10 linen rugs for 2021. A superior textile, these rugs are strong, durable, and aesthetically glorious.

Azalea Rugs

The Azalea Rug is a beautifully done linen rug featuring gentle fading, geometric shapes, unexpected angles, and directional patterns that work well for a room of any size. A classic Bohemian-Persian mix in aesthetics.

Safavieh Rugs

Though muted and neutral tones are very popular in rugs right now, the Safavieh Monaco Collection ignores this trend. This is a free-spirited, vibrant, colorful rug with classic boho-chic fancifulness. Indulge yourself in a premium, hand-woven trendy linen rug for 2021 like this soft Safavieh.

Cataleya Rugs

The Cataleya Rug mirrors a lot of the charm of the Azalea with slightly warmer qualities. The handcrafted Cataleya is dressed in purple-and-pink hues and is authentic down to the finest of details. The carefully selected color palette is a beauty to behold.

Martha Stewart Rugs

Martha Stewart rugs come in a variety of styles but some of the more popular are animal skin prints. Patterns highlighted by silk, linen, and wool are woven in a unique texture you can’t discount. Unfortunately, these rugs are some of the most expensive on this list – by far.

Alina Rugs

Alina Rugs appear worn and are one-of-a-kind, unique in every way and unlike any other handcrafted rug. All the way vintage and replicating the texture of a high-end rug, like other options in the 2021 linen rugs guide, the Alina is available as an area rug, runner rug, and round rug design.

Kaleen Rugs

Kaleen Rugs are also a very diverse collection of rugs, ranging from colorful teals to gentle, subdued looks. If you are unsure of what to get for a space, linen rugs like these have a wide range of looks and can be fun to browse through.

Abrama Rugs

Color is very important in linen rugs and with that, the Abrama Rug stands out. Mixing in worn fading with teals and browns, the Abrama is squared in with a pattern designed to emphasize designated areas such as the job an area rug performs.

Mohawk Homes Rugs

Mohawk Homes Rugs is a diverse collection, showcasing a number of unique looks, rhythms, patterns, and aesthetics. Another great source of top linen rugs in 2021, these are top-rated carpets and rugs from a well-known brand in North America.

Kinsley Rugs

The Kinsley Rug is a classic, old-style rug with a black-and-white design that is trendy and contemporary. Dress up your room in the delicate Kinsley linen rug aesthetic. Perfect for an entryway, family room, or high-traffic living areas.

Khaleesi Rugs

The Khaleesi Rug is a binary dark-and-light combination that suits well to minimalist and mid-century looks. The Khaleesi is a printed rug that replicates the look of high-luxury carpets while avoiding all of the cost.

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