Boxwood is a highly popular variety of greenery used to craft topiary balls, hedges, spirals, and more.

As one might expect, artificial boxwood topiaries are much more advantageous than real boxwood. The faux iteration of the landscaping shrub requires no maintenance and is easily positioned on residential or commercial properties.

As the snow starts to melt and springtime is ushered in, we’re looking at the most trendy fake boxwood topiaries in 2021.

London Faux Potted Boxwood Topiary

The London artificial boxwood is characterized by three Earth-sized topiary balls growing in size from top to bottom. This type of landscape greenery is best used in pairs, highlighting entranceways and pathways along a property.

Mayer Potted Boxwood Topiary

The Mayer artificial boxwood topiary is a very trendy, stylish addition to any property. Fitted to a triangle, the leaves are waxy like the real thing and crafted with what’s most natural in mind. Elegant, crisp, and sharp, enjoy the density boxwood topiaries are known for in a look that’s different from the typical spirals and orbs. 

Wells Faux Potted Spiral Boxwood Topiary

The ‘classic boxwood topiary’ aesthetic doesn’t have to be adhered to. As fun as topiary balls are, a spiral boxwood topiary plant is more interesting, unique, and out-of-the-box. Available in multiple sizes, this small, compact boxwood design is a beauty.

Bristol Faux Potted Boxwood Topiary

Should three topiary balls be too much, shave it down to two. This dual faux potted boxwood topiary is a great compromise on taller topiary plants, still offering privacy, visual interest, and culture.

York Faux Potted Boxwood Topiary

The York boxwood topiary offers 4 topiary balls on a stable, handcrafted trunk. Exhibiting a tidy aesthetic, this fake boxwood topiary skips the steps of having to grow at a very slow pace a sprawling plant and then shaping it to standard. Have the exact look you want in a heartbeat simply by ordering an artificial boxwood.

Leeds Faux Potted Cedar Topiary

A realistic-looking yet totally faux cedar topiary plant is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Cedar’s a star in English-inspired landscaping, known for its dark green and attractiveness in appearance.

Sandy Faux Potted Boxwood Topiary

Are you looking for a boxwood topiary with a little color – check out the Sandy potted faux boxwood. See reds, greens, and more encompassed in this young artificial plant. Helpful to homeowners and landscapers, here’s a way to blend in more color in a non-traditional way without completely abandoning the idea of a boxwood topiary.

Whitby Faux Potted Boxwood Topiary

There’s a uniformity to most boxwood topiary plants. They stand up straight and they communicate order sometimes at the expense of looking natural. The Whitby faux potted boxwood topiary is comprised of three angled trunks, each with a single topiary ball adorning its top. With this design, you have something a little more unique and visually unpredictable.

Ely Faux Potted Boxwood Topiary

The Ely boxwood topiary is a single large topiary ball on the end of a sturdy trunk wrapped in true-to-life bark. Though impactful with its single orb of greenery, the Ely is one of the less common topiary plants preferred by landscape artists and decorators.

There’s a trendy artificial boxwood topiary out there for everyone. Shape them to your preferences, buy them artificial, and never have to worry about them again. Shop fake plants and more at ArtiPlanto today.
andrew lu