Home décor isn’t just about furniture, area rugs, artificial plants, colors, and shapes. Digital integration is having a major influence right now on the redesign of home décor and office decorating.

No one can deny the emergence of tech as a guiding force in our day-to-day lives. From smartphones to Wi-Fi, we are surrounded by tech every which way we turn. As technology continues to reveal itself in so many interesting and advantageous ways, here is how any decorator can use tech in their home décor, interior design, and office décor arrangements, without sacrificing other trends such as eco-friendly artificial plants.

Digital Screens

Screens lighten and liven up a room. In home décor, screens have traditionally been ignored. However, incorporating a wall-mounted screen can be a stylish way to filter images into one’s space without spending $1,000s on artwork and prints.

Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices encompass a wide array of high-tech products, some of which will be explored further in this article. Why we include the whole category is because of the diverse selection of what’s out there.

Duality with Fake Plants

The duality between fake plants and tech is beautiful. There’s just something about the combination that feels natural. When you put a tech product somewhere in the room, put an artificial plant beside it. Observe the relationship. You may find it to be very natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Voice-Enabled Tech

Voice-enabled tech is the biggest trend in smart homes right now. Amazon’s Alexa is a great example, with Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana being others. Voice assistants are a welcome addition to the world of home décor and can optimize the day-to-day routine of a homeowner.

Mix It All Together

In crafting a home decor arrangement of technology and plants, don’t keep them separate. Mixing them in, this feels natural. Just like in nature, plants mix with the elements around them. Be careful not to have specific no-tech areas for fake plants, unless it’s an indoor fake plant garden.

One Who Dominates, One Who Doesn’t

The ‘one who dominates, one who doesn’t’ approach is where there are two décor elements being blended. Instead of representation being half and half, this approach assigns one to be primary and one secondary. Throughout a home, this balance can be reversed repeatedly. Representing a sort of push-and-pull dynamic, this helps to infuse a property with more visual interest.

Smart Security Devices

Smart security devices include things like smartphone-connected HD video surveillance, movement sensors at windows and doors, and similar security warning-based devices. Every property owner is different. Some will be fine with a lot of smart security technology while others won’t be.

Combination of Sizes, Shapes, And Colors

Duplicating real plants, artificial plants come in at all sorts of widths and heights. Note this. Any uniformity in faux plants comes off as very intentional and unnatural. If you have more than one, combining different sizes and shapes keeps things interesting to the eye and ensures a natural feel.

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