A corporate office should be a space that is clear in purpose, tidy in its overall design, and charming.

From landscaping on the exterior to what appears in the interior, guests and employees alike appreciate public spaces that are clean and direct.

A great ingredient to crafting the look of commercial spaces like offices is the use of artificial plants.

Made from premium materials, fake trees and plants can be elegant and gorgeous, and are office-appropriate.

Redecorate your office with an element of interior décor and design that you don’t have to maintain. Here’s why it makes sense to incorporate faux plants into your office, corporate environment, or commercial space.

No Ongoing Cost

A set of real plants take time, effort, and money to maintain. Have enough of them and it’s common for commercial properties to hire a gardener to oversee them. There’s zero ongoing maintenance or cost with fake plants.

They Aren’t Real

When you have real plants in a flowing, hustle-and-bustle type of work environment, trying to maintain them is a challenge. They need to be cut, trimmed, pruned, watered, and re-soiled, failing to mention that one must make sure they receive enough light.

Fake plants aren’t real. They aren’t this hard to maintain. You install them where you wish, and forever and always, they stay the way that they are. No watering. No special climate requirements. Nothing special needed.

Lightweight and Easy

A few of the key benefits to fake plants are that they are lightweight, easy to move around, and can be paired with other beautiful décor elements, like planters, rugs, or lights.

Unlike other décor elements, faux plants are easy to have. You don’t need a professional landscaper or interior decorator to use these in your corporate space. Real plants are more challenging and heavier. Fake plants are so much easier to set up.

Will Last For Years On End

Artificial plants are durable and meant to last for years. Life-like and realistic, the premium materials used will last decades longer than any real plant can.

You can have your favourite plants, trees, and products intact and looking their best long-term. Don’t worry about any fading, wilting, color loss, or deterioration in any way. When they’re not being used, you can also take your faux plants and put them in storage without worry.


Premium-grade artificial plants in an office are inspiring. They have been shown to promote creativity, efficiency, and productivity.

The lushness of the green leaves to the lifelike detail, relaxing aesthetic, and attractive eye-catching appearance is a fun element to input into your office environment.

They Look Real

We’ve already said it but it bears saying again. Buying fake plants from a reliable brand like ArtiPlanto ensures the most realistic detail possible in the look and design of one of these.

All botanically correct and life-like, faux plants are often hand-painted according to designs crafted from our design teams in New York and Montreal. They are identical to their real counterparts. Leaves, bark, branches, etc. It’s all designed to fool even a trained eye.

Redecorate your office in an affordable, classy way with artificial plants. Place your order with ArtiPlanto today.
andrew lu