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Article: What is the Most Expensive Rug in the World

What is the Most Expensive Rug in the World

Over the past 100 years, the shifting of value across antique rugs has meant old, traditional antique-style rugs selling for upwards of millions of dollars at auction.

With so many rugs in existence and new buys being made every year, the value of rugs has increased with every new decade. The most expensive rug in the world, in fact, is a title that’s changed hands several times recently.

In this exploration, we look at what the most expensive rug is currently valued at and what contributes to the cost.

Looking For the World’s Most Expensive Rug

The world of high-end rugs, trading and selling rugs, and buying rugs garnered mainstream attention first in 2010 when an antique rug was sold at Christie’s on auction for $9.6 million.

This rug was a Persian Kerman vase carpet from the 17th century. It doubled the prior record amount which was $4.3 million for a similar rug.

At the time, many experts began comparing rugs to other works of art and culture, such as sculptures and paintings.

Surprisingly, the rug we’re speaking of is not the current record holder for ‘most expensive rug’. What is is a somewhat similar but distinct 17th-century antique Persian carpet that sold for an impressive $33 million in 2013 at Sotheby’s New York.

Likely also from the ancient city of Kerman, the rug was considered of a ‘sickle leaf, vine scroll’ variety. In its design, one can see the use of red as well as illustrations of flowers, leaves, and greenery.

What is So Valuable About Persian Kerman Rugs?

The rug weavers of Kerman were some of the most inventive and influential, developing trademarks that are still used today in the making of Persian rugs.

They are often handwoven wool rugs or silk, taking years to create and costing thousands of dollars in labor and time.

For a rug to be valued at over $5 million, it’s relatively rare. However, this doesn’t mean million-dollar rugs do not exist. They do. They’re often Persian-style just like the ones previously mentioned.

Also, the most in-demand rugs in the world are arguably antique Oriental rugs which are between $750,000 and $1 million in value.

Part of what’s driving the increase in value – something that’s only happened in the last 10-12 years – are museums and interest from collectors who may have once collected exclusively sculptures and art, and who are now shifting their gaze upon rugs and textiles.

To this day though, any collector will tell you how undervalued rugs are, especially when compared to similar artifacts from the past or more traditional artwork.

What to Do if You Don’t Have $1 Million to Spend On A Rug

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