An antique-style linen or wool rug is a great buy for any interior decorator. A fine décor centerpiece, an area rug or runner rug can hold down a space and ground it in a beautiful aesthetic.

For anyone new to the world of rugs, here is a little of what decorators look for when they’re searching.

Rich History

There’s a history behind every rug. From the materials selected to the way it is woven or manufactured, the type of rug you choose means something. For a decorator, one has to be aware of this.

A Rug is A Living Thing

Linen rugs add life to a room. The décor element itself is considered a living thing. A rug often contains natural fibers and it’s in those that energy gets put in. The type of rug you add in decorating a space matters because of what it introduces to the room.

There’s A Story

The true premium-grade rugs are often made by hand, sometimes by a single artisan. This sometimes takes years to complete and is worked on by families with skills they’ve been developing for decades. Behind every rug, there’s a story of the person who made it.


Every wool rug, linen rug, or other premium-grade carpet has a texture. A fluffy surface a homeowner can sink into is great for beside the bed. For rooms with more foot traffic, a tidier, more straightforward, and/or rougher texture may be more appropriate.

Intricacy of Design

The actual design of a rug will use patterns and colors to infer direction, movement, or imply texture. The type of yarn or dye used impacts the look of the design. For some decorators, simplicity’s key. For others, they want a sense of movement to the room and will find a rug demonstrating that. There are no hard and fast rules to this but do remember that for most decorators, the design is one of the first things they notice. That’s how important it is.

Size Matters

An obvious focal point for decorators and non-decorators is size. A premium area rug, for example, should cover the intended area. Any size issues – a rug too small or large – has catastrophic effects on the perception of the room.


A rug that has some uniqueness to it is loved by decorators. This is why many chase rugs handmade by artisans abroad as opposed to machine-manufactured commercial rugs. Interesting color combinations, variations in patterns and rhythms, and even the small imperfections that sometimes come with making something by hand are heavily, heavily appreciated in home décor.


Lastly – and this certainly isn’t the case for every decorator – the actual artistry of an antique handwoven rug is something to look at. After all, this décor is art set flat on the floor like art mounted flat on the wall. The characteristics and representations in the detail of a rug can be significant.

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