A rug and a carpet. Is there ever a difference – absolutely! Where rugs and carpet come from differ, as are how they are made and a little bit regarding how they are used. Here are the differences between rugs and carpet.

What Is A Rug?

A rug is a woven fabric. A rug is used to cover a specific and defined area of the floor, and is unattached to the wall.

What Is A Carpet?

A carpet is a more general term that refers to material covering the entirety of a floor. Carpet extends from wall-to-wall and is often fixed to the floor whereas a rug is not.

Similarities Between Rugs And Carpets

Linen rugs and carpets are not two terms that should be used interchangeably though they oftentimes are.

That said, there are similarities. Both use thick cloths. Both are commonly woven with organic fibers such as cotton, silk, or wool. Both can also be made from synthetic materials. Rugs and carpets are also employed in similar decorative ways.

Speaking on the subject of décor, however, rugs and carpet begin to differ at this point. Carpet can be generic, emphasizing size and function over aesthetic. The lack of attention to detail in carpeting is another characteristic that makes them so cheap. On the other hand, rugs are handwoven, use highly expressive shapes and colors, and are very unique. Antique rugs take years to craft because of the detail and uniqueness in them.

Differences Between Rugs And Carpets

The cultural history of rugs and carpets inform a lot about what makes each unique, and also unifies them.

The term ‘carpet’ was first used in the English language sometime around the 1200s, even though its history traces into Old French and Old Italian. By the 1400s, carpets as floor coverings were popularized although the term was also applied to coverings for beds, tables, and walls.

Sometime around the 1400s is when ‘rug’ was first used as a term. It referred to coarse fabric at the time. By the 1800s, ‘rug’ was used to mean floor mats. This differential is what’s still used, referencing carpet meaning wall-to-wall while wool rugs are more mat-based.

Is A Rug or Carpet Better For A Room?

Carpet can be unappealing, especially when it covers a beautiful hardwood or tile floor in its entirety. An area rug can be put anywhere, is easily moved, and adaptable to different arrangements of furniture. You also still see the floor underneath, retaining the original charm. Every room is different but rugs are typically a lot more dynamic a covering next to carpets. 

Carpet also tends to emphasize size in all the wrong ways when placed in a small room. A rug comes in various sizes. As a floor covering, multiple area rugs can be spaced out in various arrangements.

The beauty of rugs is undisputed. Next to carpet, there is no comparison. With the differences between carpets and rugs understood, it is up to the homeowner, decorator, or property manager to decide what’s best for a given room. Search out a premium rug for your home. ArtiPlanto is the where to look. Visit us today.
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