How you roll up a rug is a common question new rug owners have. It’s not something a lot of people consider at first. After all, a rug lies flat on the floor. Why it would need to be rolled if it’s being used regularly, it doesn’t. That said, if it’s being put in storage or if you’re moving, an instructional guide on how to roll a linen or wool rug is valuable.

  1. Lay Out the Rug

First things first, lay out your rug flat. Open it. Ensure it is completely open and totally flat. There should be no wrinkles or folds anywhere in the rug.

  1. Grab the Corners

Divide your linen or wool rug into three equal parts. Next, grab the top two corners of your rug and carefully fold this part of the material over one-third of the way down. Ensure the parts are divided equally.

  1. Fold the Second Rug Third

Next, fold the second rug third over. It should overlap with the first carpet fold. You should now have a rug that is folded in thirds. More or less, it should appear equally divided and with straight lines.

  1. Fold the End

Go to the other edge. You should be at the far edge on the long side of the rug. Take this and fold it over halfway down.

  1. Fold the Other End Over

Just like you did before, take the other side of the rug and fold it over so that it overlaps the fold you made just a minute ago. At this point, if this has been done correctly, your rug should be a perfect square or rectangular.

  1. Fold it Over One More Time

You’re not done yet! Take your premium home décor rug and fold it over one more time roughly a quarter of the way down.

  1. Roll It

Now it’s time to start rolling your rug. Take the folded end and roll from here. Roll it until it’s completed. Once again, if you’ve done everything correctly, your rug should not be neatly formed in a roll.

  1. Wrap It

The last step we thought to mention is if you’re intending on putting your rug in storage or in shipping, go the extra mile and wrap it. Wrapping it in a plastic covering will avoid any stains, damage, or destruction that could come to it either due to neglect in transportation or by accident.

Why Roll A Rug?

How to roll a rug is the gentlest way to save space, contain it, and avoid damaging the rug’s fibers.

Let’s say you don’t roll a rug and simply fold it or toss it in the back of a transport truck, it’s not going to maintain its shape. There is a good chance some of the fibers will be damaged. Unnecessary creases and kinks are likely to form. Any number of things can happen resulting in permanent changes to your rug’s shape.

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