Easter is less than a month away. Have you thought about what you want to gift yourself – an artificial plant fits the bill. No watering. Maintenance-free. Always lively and green, celebrate green this Easter. Here are the top 7 artificial plants that fit perfectly with the April Easter interior décor.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Plant

A faux fiddle leaf fig is a common artificial houseplant. Brighten up your room with true-to-life greens and stems you can bend and craft according to the shape you want.

From premium-grade artificial plant brands like Artiplanto, you can buy a faux fiddle leaf in a variety of sizes from tabletop-sized small to exceptionally large.

Faux Monstera Plant

There’s no plant with quite the same look as a classic Monstera. Its characteristic leaves are imaginative and vibrant although admittedly, a real Monstera plant can look so absolutely sad when it’s not being properly taken care of.

Try faux instead. Eliminate the risk. Keep things simple with an artificial Monstera potted plant courtesy of Artiplanto.

Faux Bird of Paradise Plant

A Bird of Paradise plant showcases the promises of summertime – warm temperatures, growing nature, and sunshine.

Try a Bird of Paradise plant if you’re searching for something tropical but you don’t want to go ‘palm tree’ with things.

Faux Olive Tree Plant

An olive tree has smaller leaves than your average artificial plant. It’s a friendly fake plant for Easter, with some even using it as an Easter tree of sorts. It can be easily positioned as the centerpiece of a gathering area.

Even if you aren’t the type that can manage plants day-to-day, with a fake plant, there’s no commitment involved.

Faux Hawaii Kwai Palm Plant

A Hawaii Kwai palm plant is large with leaves that reach out. The mix of light-to-dark greens, extended stems, and classic palm look combine together to offer consumers a one-of-a-kind tropical plant.

If you have the space, you can easily encapsulate the palm look in a sprawling artificial plant presentation like this.

Faux Banana Tree Plant

A faux banana tree is light-on-the eyes, an underrated faux tropical plant available as a tree predominantly. 

While you don’t want an indoor plant to clash with ongoing décor or take over a space, a carefully-placed banana tree can be shaped to nestle itself in a corner or a small area in a bedroom, living room, or dining room.

Faux Snake Plant

As pretty as a sansevieria plant is, an artificial snake dark green plant is more easily controlled in appearances and won’t ever quit on you. Looking like the back of a snake in the jungle, this succulent-inspired faux plant is a must-have for collectors.

If you’re searching for a unique artificial plant to grab you looks and create intrigue, try the sansevieria.

Growing a real indoor plant or houseplant is complicated. You run the risk of things eventually getting a little sad as a tabletop plant or tree starts to wilt, bend, and die. For Easter, buy an artificial plant that will last a lifetime and that you can pull out every year as a part of your décor. Check in with Artiplanto this Easter and pick up your favourites.
andrew lu