Add a touch of greenery to your property with a premium faux tree from the best artificial plants brand, Available in sizes from 3 feet to 10 feet, select from more than a dozen varieties. Find the faux tree that is right for you.


Discover first-hand how premium artificial trees can fill a space with lively greens and beauty.


Fiddle Leaf Tree


An artificial fiddle leaf tree is a common choice for a home interior in need of some green. Its expressive leaves and tall build are perfect for someone who may be new to the world of faux plants. It’s a tree that’s very adaptable to different home aesthetics as well.


Bamboo Tree


An artificial bamboo tree is a bit different from the other selections on this list in its look but is consistently one of the most popular faux tree trend-setters every year. Its thin leaves and light green colors are gentle on the eyes, and perfect for a room that you want light, bright, and relaxed.


Monstera Tree


There is no mistaking a Monstera leaf for anything else. Many people buy Monstera plants for houseplants but when it comes to having them as a tree, a real Monstera can get a little wild. Fortunately, a fake Monstera tree is majestic and easily managed, and is ready to be put on display inside your best planter.


Bird of Paradise Tree


The color of a Bird of Paradise tree makes it a favorite among faux plant buyers online. With near-perfect ratings, like several other fake plants found at, see the lifelike detail up close and place this faux tree in your living room, dining room, bedroom, guest room, or even outdoors.


Travellers Palm Tree


If you enjoy summer vibes, searching out an artificial tropical tree may be the best fake tree to buy for you. In that case, a travellers palm tree has long tropical leaves, a sturdy trunk, and a lushness that’s ready to be shaped by hand. It looks just like the real thing.


Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree


The faux Hawaii Kwai palm tree is a big, expressive fake palm tree that is hard not to notice. Anyone who is looking for big artificial palm trees online, you won’t find a more summer-friendly choice than this palm tree. It mimics the look and feel of a live palm tree from the tropics, with multi-toned coloring spread throughout and over its breezy leaves.


Spathiphyllum Leaf Tree


A fake spathiphyllum leaf tree has large, lengthy leaves, and is available at several different heights. If you want to buy an artificial tree for a room that is overly large, a spathiphyllum leaf plant has the sort of expression you will love. It takes up sufficient space and looks gorgeous anywhere its planter is set.


Olive Tree


Like other artificial plants, a faux olive tree comes with no stress of trying to keep it alive. A realistically-detailed olive tree from is one of the brand’s best choices for homes year-round in spring, summer, fall, and winter.


All of these premium faux trees are available to buy through, with shipping available across Canada and the US. Position your tree somewhere nice and visible, and take advantage of trendy alternative plant décor today. Begin your search at

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