With a real plant, a person can spend hours debating what the best planter is for their plant.


A plant that’s alive has certain requirements that need to be met, such as how moist the soil has to be and how much water it should have. The type of planter you pick matters. If there’s no drainage, for example, moisture can pool at the bottom and the roots can begin to rot soiled in that sort of constant moisture.


The wrong planter can kill your plant in time. For real plants, considerations like that have to be made.


A premium faux plant is a little different. They aren’t organic. They do not need water and shouldn’t be watered. They do not have the same considerations as a real plant. Fortunately, planters can be made from almost any material and in that, a fake plant can be placed. As you select a planter for your faux plant, this isn’t to say that it doesn’t matter. It does! However, it’s about home décor aesthetics.


Type Of Planters Available


There are brass, cement, metal, and seagrass planters. These are the most popular and trendy planters on the market for fake plants. They do not require any drainage and are built purely on looks.


When your style favors more natural materials, a seagrass planter is a great choice. Set in something like a bamboo planter stand, seagrass and water hyacinth planters can look very minimalist, modern, and luxurious. At the same time, they can be dropped into a more rustic and vintage room, and be equally appealing.


If you want to go very minimalist, sleek, and if you’re surrounded by a lot of high technology, cement planters are a better choice. You may also find a bamboo planter, metal planter, or ceramic planter to be equally simple, easy to look at, and suitable to a sort of modern home décor aesthetic.


What Plants To Pick For Your Planter


A planter should not distract from the plant or the plant from the planter. Look at them as a couple. They form a pair that make up the same home décor presentation. This is why many planters are simplistic. It’s to put the spotlight on the plant.


As for what artificial plant is best in 2022, there are so many to choose from. Faux palm trees continue to be very popular. Monstera, fiddle leaf, olive tree, and snake plants are other indoor plant varieties that are highly sought-after when buying planters. There are also succulents, artificial flowers, hanging plants, and other plants that may be perfect for the planter you have in mind.


There is no rule on what the best planter is or what the best plant is for your planter. It’s part-personal preference and part-what your home looks like. It really boils down to what décor aesthetic you have going on. Use that as your guide.


For premium artificial plants of all types and modern-minimalist planters you can buy online in brass, cement, metal, and natural materials, visit Artiplanto.com. Choose your next plant and planter today.

Pedro Capitao de Salles