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Article: How Can You Tell The Difference Between A Real Plant And A Faux Plant?

How Can You Tell The Difference Between A Real Plant And A Faux Plant?

How Can You Tell The Difference Between A Real Plant And A Faux Plant?

How you tell whether a plant is real or faux depends entirely on how and where the plant is planted.


Trendy faux plants you buy online can look just as realistic and alive as a real plant. In fact, some look even more real than the real thing. How the makers of these plants accomplish this is with expertise, time, and the latest in design techniques.


The Pros And Cons Of A Real Plant


When you have a real plant, of course, it comes with some jobs. You have to plant it in soil, ensure it’s watered regularly and given enough light, and it has to be looked after. A real plant has a natural lifecycle and then, it’s no more. As disappointing as it can be to watch a plant die, it’s a part of the process and that’s sort of the downside of real plants if you’re using them for décor.


A real plant isn’t going to stay looking its best in perpetuity. It’s a living thing. You’ll get a short period of time where it looks exquisitely alive but before and after, it’s going to look a little less presentable. People who buy real plants do so because they enjoy the caretaking aspect, the reward of seeing a plant thrive under one’s care, and the process of ongoing maintenance.


The Pros And Cons Of A Faux Plant


A faux plant has none of the upkeep that a real plant has. That’s both a pro and a con. If you enjoy taking care of plants, you’re going to hate having a fake plant because there’s simply nothing to do with it other than occasionally dusting it. If you’re in it for the home décor and aesthetic aspect though, premium artificial plants are a much, much better option than real.


A premium fake plant looks real because it’s painted by hand. It’s made with premium-grade materials with no compromise in its design. Much attention is paid to duplicating every detail of its real counterpart. Not only does it look real but it also feels real when you go over the leaves with your fingers.


Can You Tell The Difference Between A Real And Faux Plant?


To present a fake plant as a real plant, it is a bit of an art. For example, you’d never see a plant living its best life in a dark corner. This is a mistake many first-time artificial plant buyers make – putting their plant in a dark spot where there is no sun, such as in a basement area or windowless space.


Assuming you’ve bought a high-quality faux plant and have styled it correctly though, it’s very difficult to look at it and say definitively that it isn’t real if you don’t already know it’s faux. Even gardeners have been fooled by how realistic artificial plants, flowers, and trees are. That says a lot! If you want to keep your faux plant looking realistic, here are a few things to remember.


  • Plant your fake plant in a planter with soil and make it resemble as if you’ve planted something real.


  • Do not put anything overly colorful on or around your faux plant. Use only colors and materials you might find in nature.


  • Before a public gathering, look at the leaves of your faux plant. Over time, dust can accumulate over a fake plant which unfortunately can make an otherwise detailed and realistic artificial plant look rather dull and plastic.


Find the most realistic artificial plants online at See the best the faux plants world has to offer, including palm trees, flower arrangements, succulents, hanging plants, boxwood topiary plants, and much more. Browse hundreds of fake plants and buy your favourites at today.

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