Shopping for a rug online is fun and exciting. Browsing collections, you expose yourself to varied patterns, colors, textures, and cultures. There truly is a rug out there for every room, every household, and every family.

If you don’t know where to go, the best place where you can buy premium rugs online is

Rug Designs

The rug designs in the catalogue range from the abstract to some culturally colorful patterns.

The hues vary, as do the rhythms incorporated into the many unique pieces. Whether you’re creating an artistic space and need a rug to populate it, or want a rug that implies movement perfect for a hallway or large gathering area, you can find both and everything in between and beyond in the pages of

There are some really cherished rugs here, like the Caspara rug. This faded, classic Persian rug encapsulates a unique mix of reds and roses and licorice black. It’s a highly decorative piece, intriguing to any guest when featured in the correct light.

Intricate patterns, like those of the Caspara, don’t work for every home. For some, plainness, minimalist, and modern is a better approach.

The Cataleya rug is actually quite similar in its fading to the Caspara yet is so different in its approach. This a fine example of the abstract. Its clear lines imply movement. Its shapes are attention-grabbing if you look close enough but aren’t overwhelming to the point of completely taking over a room.

For some families, a rug like the Cataleya will surely be their best choice. For others, the search continues.

In that vein, another rug that certainly warrants a mention is the Pearl woven wool 6x9 rug. In a dark blue, it covers the floor in such a natural and comfortable way, extending to its far parameters and offering you the chance to rest your feet on something that isn’t hard flooring.

Each of these three premium rugs is something different. All of them can be found at

Wool And Linen Rugs

Going to the material itself, boasts two of the best rug materials used by contemporary rug-makers.

Wool is one of the strongest materials in the world used in rug-making. It is vibrant and resilient which are both features any rug should have. It’s also highly durable. Even the least-expensive, cheaply-made wool rugs can outlast high-quality synthetic fiber rugs, a la those manufactured from Nylon or acrylic polyester.

Then, there is linen. Another natural fibre, it is made from the stalk of a flax plant. Linen rugs are regarded as some of the best quality around. It is a soft fabric that will last for decades, highly durable and a great choice for a rug.

What you choose between wool or linen for a rug is your decision. Wool is softer and very comfortable come winter. Linens are thinner and ideal for warm weather.

You may rotate your linen and wool rugs in and out seasonally, of course, but this isn’t inherently required. Some of us are more inclined to go wool and others for linen. What you get with either is a rug that’s built for the long haul.

All of these reasons are why is a go-to choice for interior designers, home decorators, and others looking to populate their space with premium-grade, hand-woven rugs. Shop a unique premium rug online today. Buy yours at
Andrew Lu