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Article: What Are the Top Faux Plants for a Smaller Apartment?

What Are the Top Faux Plants for a Smaller Apartment

What Are the Top Faux Plants for a Smaller Apartment?

If you are someone who pays attention to home decor trends, you will understand how valuable faux plants are when it comes to decorating a small apartment. Since the space is limited, often looking for ideas that will augment the less is more concept is a great first step.  

Whether it is a boho theme or a modern chic look your apartment flaunts the splash of greenery faux plants bring to space cannot be expressed in words — you have to see it to believe it. As there are a lot of options when it comes to faux plants out there creating a dreamy oasis with realistic-looking fakes is not difficult as you may think. Read on to learn more about the top faux plants that are must-haves in a smaller apartment. 


Whether you choose something rustic or carefully colour coordinated when it comes to a bouquet of floral arrangements, every space just lights up. As weird as it may seem, feel free to experiment when it comes to creating your own style statement with bouquets such as; roses, orchids or even birds of paradise plants. If you want to truly create an ambiance while on a budget sprinkle a few drops of lavender or rose essential oil on the flowers you choose and it will not only look good but smell great too! Use odd-shaped vases to display bouquets if you like. 

Hanging Baskets 

It is so easy to create a focal point when you choose to use plants in hanging baskets. The most popular faux plant that is seen in an apartment is a pothos plant — its heart-shaped leaves and vibrant green colour make it a tempting choice. It is not a bad idea to choose a colourful hanging basket to display the pothos plant or if you like something else. 


Whether you choose a cactus with a colourful flower in the centre or something classy like an aloe vera plant who does not like a succulent? If you are planning to group a few succulents together to make a creative splash — it's a great idea to use colourful planters or different sizes of plants to create some variation. 

Plants and apartments are not always the best combination. So if you are someone who loves a green splash, experimenting is key as there are not a whole of options to work within a limited space. But when it comes to decorating an apartment with faux plants things are different and we hope that you try the suggestions listed above and bring the greenery your apartment yearns. 

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