We all have a different idea of decorating with botanicals, but they have a way to add a natural element to any space. The most important step when choosing a faux plant is to consider something that will create a creative element outdoors.

Read on to explore the top five artificial outdoor plants that are must-haves in 2020 that may seem tempting to water as they might look better than a real plant.

Fiddle Leaf Fig tree

This is no surprise that a fiddle leaf fig is one of the most trendy faux plants. In 2020 that is no different and the popularity of the fiddle leaf fig has only grown. Further, as real fiddle leaf fig is very finicky to maintain the faux plant is everything you need without having to worry about any maintenance or upkeep. When picking a fiddle leaf tree look for a tall tree that can stand tall outdoors in the corner to bring everything together or create its own personal charm on the porch.

Olive tree

This is one of the close second runner ups — when it comes to picking the best faux tree in 2020. Whether you are looking to spruce things up or create a Mediterranean touch in your space; or visualize warm weather and sunshine an Olive tree is never a bad idea. Always choose an Olive tree with a natural color tone to make sure it mimics the looks of a real tree.


This faux plant is one of the oldest and the best outdoor plants when it comes to decorating. There are so many types of ferns out there that make sure to pick something that will compliment your space. Ferns also stand out very well as an artificial outdoor plant. It's a great idea to pair a fern with a glass planter or pot. Glass jars are a great way to create a dynamic visual appearance and perfect to place close to the entrance of your home.

Hanging Ivy plant

There is something about a Hanging Ivy plant that just adds life to any room. Hanging Ivy plants are also a great way to add dimension to any space. To make a bold impression don't be afraid to choose a Hanging Ivy plant with broad yet elegant leaves. Further, a Hanging Ivy is available in many colours, sizes and the bold markings on it make the faux plant a must-have.

Palm tree

A palm tree ranges in the size from 2 to 25 feet tall and is a great first step if you are looking to create a tropical oasis in your front or backyard. The leaves and the trunk are a match made in heaven. It's a great idea to pair a faux palm tree with some real plants to create some variety.

Whether you know what you are exactly looking to find or just looking to spruce things up by trying something different either way we hope you enjoy the top five trendy faux botanicals mentioned above and find a perfect fit for your home.

Alexandru Popa