For a lot of us, 2021’s going to be a year that’s sort of a make-up for the twelve months of pandemic that came before it.

With so many of us having already said goodbye to a very difficult time last year, it’s time to concentrate on what the future holds. As you’ll find in interior design posts on Instagram and Pinterest, there are a lot of trends on the upswing according to décor experts and designers. Here’s our prediction on where to look for when searching for home décor inspiration.


Rustic, vintage farmhouse aesthetic continues to gain steam, particularly among the millennial crowd. Add in some chic, colorful accents and fake plants that can be forgotten about, and there’s enough there to leave the room cozy for all welcome to enter.

DIY Projects

In isolation, a lot of us came to discover how much we enjoy making things. For some, that’s baking. For others, it’s building furniture, doing home renos, or creating art. There are 1,000s of home décor possibilities if you’re open to creating a unique piece that says something about you.

Multi-Use Spaces

Last year, a lot of us were thrown back into our homes and expected to use this space for relaxation, work, school, and other activities. We weren’t ready at the time. Now more homeowners are coming around to designing multi-use spaces, perfect for whatever activities that come. 

Indoor Gardens

Whether it’s real houseplants or strictly fake plants, indoor gardens are trending among young millennials. Gather together your favourite chic grasses, greenery, and plants, and craft a paradise indoors that add dimension and depth to your room.

Bold Colors

Neutral, cozy colors remain dominant. Incorporating pops of bold colors though are making waves in the interior décor world. From colorful florals to art décor and traditional pieces, incorporating a little boldness isn’t seen as a bad thing.

Artificial Plants

We brought up faux plants earlier. Artificial plants are being seen as a major interior décor trend in 2021. Even a busy person who doesn’t have time to take care of real plants can still partake in the greenery aesthetic. Note how fake plants require zero maintenance. Make a statement. Create a fun look.

Artificial Trees

It can seem scary buying and bringing in a real tree. After all, eventually, it’s going to either outgrow its space or wilt and fade – neither of which is a great option. A fake tree – such as an artificial palm tree, olive tree, or bird of paradise – is airy, thin, delicate, and are adaptable to almost any space.

Modern v. Traditional

After years of modern-contemporary décor, things are sliding into a transitional state as homeowners bring in more nostalgic traditional influences. Everyday living spaces are getting spruced up with more traditional décor that ignores what’s trending on social media. This sort of blending is creating some truly unique rooms and households, and more personality-driven than ever.

Enjoy interior décor trends from ArtiPlanto and others. For 2021, whether you work with trends or against them, there’s so much to choose from. Take it from the experts. For artificial plants, rugs, home décor, and inspiration, order your favourites today from ArtiPlanto.

andrew lu