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Article: Top 10 Most Popular Fake And Artificial Plants for Indoors

Top 10 Most Popular Fake And Artificial Plants for Indoors

Top 10 Most Popular Fake And Artificial Plants for Indoors

Electrify a bland, boring space with the fresh look of a faux plant. A wonderful addition to any home or office, artificial plants are used by interior decorations from all backgrounds. Craft a maintenance-free green space with some of our most popular fake plants for indoors.

Air Plant

Fake air plants are great for mini-terrariums and miniature indoor gardens. They aren’t always catching to the eye but the little splashes of greenery an air plant adds can create an artistic aesthetic that communicates eco-friendliness and forest life.


Crotons are bright, fresh artificial plants that require no light and which project a classic natural beauty you can’t find anywhere else. A mix of earthy hues are captured in the detail-oriented design of our faux croton plant.

Aloe Vera

Aloe fake plants are a great indoor plant. An actual aloe is a succulent that itself requires little water but with a need for dry sandy soil. Captured in exquisite handcrafted detail, the same realism from a true aloe plant is on display in the artificial variety from ArtiPlanto. 

African Violets

African Violets are a plant that throws bursts of colors into the room. For home accents and decorating accessorizing, African Violets are one of those plants that catch a lot of beauty. Appealing in a wide variety of settings, try an African Violet, put it on display, and don’t be shy about color.

Spider Plants

Spider plants are a common artificial plant for indoors with tones of evergreen and a sense of architecture to them. The arching leaves add a lot of dimension and texture into a space. Sometimes, spider plants are used to create a vertical direction on tabletops, shelves, and corner tables.


Philodendron takes greenery and directs it vertically. The artificial version does not require watering or clipping as the real thing does. If you enjoy evergreens, hanging plants, and emphasizing plant life in a space, a philodendron might be exactly what you need.


Sansevieria, aka snake plants, require little attention and can tolerate almost anything. Even so, real snake plants can still not look so fine after awhile. Our collection of faux Sansevieria plants feature the same dark green and natural yellows that suit almost any home’s interior.


Spathiphyllum, aka a Peace Lily, has elegant white blossoms and glossy green leaves in its real appearance. Duplicated in a faux plant, a Peace Lily circumvents the need for moisture and lighting and delivers to you all the charm of the authentic thing without any of the commitment.

Fiddle Leaf Figs

Fiddle leaf figs are Instagram-ready artificial plants that work in any space. A real fiddle leaf requires a lot of light which is why the replica of this tropical tree is so attractive for an indoor setting. If you don’t know what fake plant is best, start sorting through fiddle leaf figs to see if anything resonates.

Palm Trees

Fake palm trees are a must-have for a lot of interior decorators. Real palm trees are one of the most widely planted trees in the world and make for a classic decoration. Palm trees are also a representation of victory, peace, and fertility. For a sunny and tropical vibe in the room, the winner’s an artificial palm tree.

Spruce things up around your house! Find these popular fake and artificial plants today from ArtiPlanto. Evoke natural beauty and lifelike quality with none of the hassle.

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